Dublin Festival of History 2023

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The Dublin Festival of History 2023 will run from 25 September to 15 October 2023.

The Dublin Festival of History is an annual free festival, brought to you by Dublin City Council, and organised by Dublin City Libraries, in partnership with the Dublin City Council Culture Company.

Now in its eleventh year, the festival has built a reputation for shining a fresh perspective on history and its importance in our everyday lives, attracting best-selling Irish and international historians to Dublin for a high-profile programme of history talks and debate each Autumn.

Dublin Festival of History 2023

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10 Reasons to Study History:

  1. Develop critical thinking skills – Analyzing historical sources and perspectives builds reasoning, evaluation, and debate abilities.
  2. Gain cultural awareness – Learning history provides context for understanding cultures, identities, and human nature.
  3. Strengthen writing abilities – Writing skills are honed through crafting essays, research papers, and presenting arguments.
  4. Recognize patterns and trends – Studying the past highlights recurring societal and political cycles and phenomena.
  5. Become an engaged citizen – Knowledge of history produces more informed, active participants in civil duties.
  6. Learn research methods – Historians employ specific research techniques using archives, artifacts, and other evidence.
  7. Pursue diverse careers – History provides transferable skills for jobs in law, journalism, education, writing, museums, and more.
  8. Uncover your ancestry – Learning history can reveal insights into your family lineage and heritage.
  9. Follow your interests – If you have a passion for the past, studying history lets you dive in fully.
  10. Gain perspective – Putting current times into historical context provides orientation and perspective for the present.

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