Discover the Creative Magic of Floristry

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Discover the Creative Magic of Floristry: Have you ever wondered about the meditative joy embodied florists feel while crafting bespoke arrangements attuned to their clients’ unique stories? We revel not just in natural beauty itself but in unlocking meaning through thoughtful design and forging community through floral artistry. Now, our immersive floristry courses invite you to develop such mastery firsthand!

Discover the Creative Magic of Floristry

Our range of Floristry courses blend scientific foundations spanning botanical care, handling and ingredients with nurturing your innate artistry through colour, texture and composition lessons that rethink standard routines. Whether embracing traditional symmetry or boldly modern abstract works, core techniques crystallize so your distinctive style shines.

Sign up now and dive into daily hands-on workshops focused on everything from lush seasonal wreaths to contemporary terrariums. Experiment audaciously knowing guidance is close while fostering confidence through practice.

Beyond pure skills, floristyr is also about the joys of connection – building rapport with clients, decoding unique needs for customization, revealing personalized creations as surprises that invite pure delight. Learn to see arrangements as relationship building manifested artistically.

Through equal parts practical mastery and soulful inspiration, our courses unlock floristry’s most magical secret: the euphoric feeling when another’s wonder at your passion project ignites your own childlike awe and creativity again.

Book your course now and  unfold your potential while cultivating beauty and meaning for others!


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10 tips for flower arranging:

  1. Select Fresh Flowers: Choose fresh flowers with firm stems and perky blooms. Avoid wilted or bruised flowers as they won’t last long.
  2. Choose a Focal Point: Decide on a focal point for your arrangement, whether it’s a large flower, a unique bloom, or an eye-catching color.
  3. Balance Shapes and Sizes: Mix different shapes and sizes of flowers to create visual interest. Use a combination of focal, filler, and accent flowers for balance.
  4. Consider Color Harmony: Select flowers with complementary or contrasting colors that work well together. Pay attention to the overall color scheme of the arrangement.
  5. Use Proper Tools: Use sharp floral scissors or shears to cut stems at an angle, which helps them absorb water more effectively. Clean vases or containers are also essential to prevent bacteria growth.
  6. Start with Greenery: Begin by adding greenery or foliage to the vase to create a base for your arrangement. This provides structure and helps support the flowers.
  7. Work in Layers: Build your arrangement in layers, starting with larger flowers as the focal point and filling in gaps with smaller blooms and foliage.
  8. Trim Stems Appropriately: Trim stems to the appropriate length for your vase, cutting them at an angle to ensure better water absorption. Remove any leaves that will be submerged in water to prevent bacterial growth.
  9. Use Floral Foam (Optional): Consider using floral foam to help secure stems in place and provide hydration to the flowers. Soak the foam in water before arranging the flowers on top.
  10. Change Water Regularly: To prolong the life of your arrangement, change the water every few days and trim the stems as needed. Keep the arrangement away from direct sunlight and drafts to maintain freshness.

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