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More photographs have been taken in the last five years, than in the previous one hundred years. A startling fact when you consider most are consigned to “digital landfill” as an anonymous multi digit file! With the arrival of affordable digital photography, this popular hobby has undergone a sea change in how easy it is to take, store, print and display images. So how is that we end up with random folders stuffed with picture files, rather than a precious set of memories? The reality is that most cameras need some technical coaxing as well as what is called, Photographic Intuition; to take acceptable photographs in most circumstances.

Introduction to Photography

This brings me to the long established and highly respected “Introduction to Photography” Course run for many years by the Dublin Camera Club who celebrate their 75th Anniversary this year. If you want to take control of your camera, this could be the ticket you need? Delivered by a group of enthusiastic Tutors steeped in amateur photography and also active practitioners with a wide breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and real-world advice. Why consider this Photography course that has moved to the on-Line World? Well the tutors once walked in your shoes, having been daunted by the camera refusing to cooperate with their wishes, they learnt their craft by trial and error, so you don’t have to.

Taking better photographs remains in the Top Five “Bucket List” wishes of many people. Buying an expensive “all singing-all dancing” camera with a multitude of features will not be of much benefit unless the owner is guided by trusted knowledge, often based on techniques passed down from the days of film-based cameras. In that era, taking a good or even a bad photograph was an expensive proposition with only one chance to get it right. Photographers utilised a range of technical skills and developed their compositional eye to take technically correct and aesthetically pleasing images.
A key benefit of the Nine Week Course, is access to an assigned Mentor. This person will guide you through the technical skills using on-line methods, before embarking on a small group outdoor based activity to put the knowledge into practice. These sessions will be based in the Greater Dublin Area and will follow the appropriate COVID 19 guidelines in place at the time.

We live in a unique period in our History, having to reassess, adapt and re-imagine the people, places and things that we hold dear to us. Photography is a deeply personal medium that functions at the personal, social and mental levels, documenting our present to help us make sense of the fast-evolving world. We when take a photograph, we “stop” time so we capture not just an image, but a memory for us to cherish.

More than Just a Hobby

Club Member, Peter Bernard, outlined why the DCC course is a worthwhile pursuit. “Learn to take control of your camera and choose the appropriate settings yourself including turning off the automatic mode”. “Find out your camera’s abilities and limitations, and how to make the best of them to express your creativity”. Peter continued; “Golf may be the ruination of a good walk, but a good walk is an opportunity for finding good pictures”. Finally, “Be the person who takes the best pictures at family events”.

Course Co Ordinator, Peter MacMenamin stated; “Course Tutors such as Pauric McGroder, have remodelled the course for on-line delivery and incorporated the popular Mentor concept into the schedule”. Participants will receive personal attention, even after the course.
Those who join the club will have ongoing constructive advice and guidance, observe and critique of other members images, and the chance to learn from them. This along with practice, are the best learning tools, and it never stops if you join the Club.

Peter continued, “We are more than an on line course with ongoing support over the nine weeks of the course, plus associate membership of the Club and a discounted full membership also available.” “This means that the learning can continue beyond the computer screen for the rest of the year as students can plug straight into the club knowledge bank of photographers, resources and visiting exhibitions”.

Find Out More

The nine week on line course with limited capacity to provide personal mentoring, commences at 7:30pm on Wednesday 16th September at a reasonable €99. Full details and how to book a place are available online here.

Feel free to contact Peter MacMenamin on specific queries via this online portal.

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