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Thinking of taking up a course in Self Defence? 

Self Defence courses teach you to recognise and avoid dangerous situations, as well as how to defend yourself when faced with these incidents. The repetitive movements taught in classes build muscle memory and help with reflexes. Strengthening your core muscles is also an important part of lessons. Students will undertake activities that will help them build strength in the necessary parts of your body. Check out our database here on to find the right course for you. 

What will you learn? 

Courses in Self Defence cover everything you need to know about dealing with aggressors with ease and confidence. 

In terms of physical skills, students will learn how to position themselves when being attacked. They will learn the different kinds of strikes, how and where to strike back as well as the correct way to block. How to break free of a hold or choke will also be covered. 

Advanced courses in Self Defence will teach students how to defend themselves against multiple attackers or even an armed attacker. How to handle weapons correctly will also be covered.

Psychological skills are also a big part of Self Defence courses. Students will learn about having awareness of their surroundings and will be able to identify a threat. Preventative behaviour and negotiation tactics are important to learn. How to keep calm in the event of an attack will be covered too. 

Self Defence techniques draw heavily on martial arts, but they do not follow any particular style. However, these classes will teach you information that is seen as unsporting for most martial arts. This is because Self Defence classes are designed to help protect you in the real world, where there really are no rules when it comes to physical altercations. 

The more you practice your skills, the more automatic your reactions will become in real-life scenarios when you need them the most. Practising regularly with another person is the best way to prepare for dealing with an attacker. 

These classes will essentially help you to stay calm and be strategic in your response to an incident. Should you choose to develop it, it can include mastering fight techniques. Where you take it next depends on your own personal journey. Even an introductory crash course will prepare you to deal with dangerous situations a lot better than if you have had no training at all. 

It’s important to note that Self Defence courses are not intended as fitness classes at all. People from a wide range of fitness backgrounds will be able for this course.

It’s all about your intellectual strength and planning, as opposed to what you can do physically. 

What comes next?

Students learn how to prepare and deal with dangerous situations through Self Defence classes. Most people will take the course in order to protect themselves in different scenarios.

While there aren’t many opportunities in terms of career, it can certainly help you stay safe in many different scenarios. For those who would like to pursue it, completing different levels of Self Defence courses can eventually lead students to be confident and qualified to teach others the same skills you learned.

Rebecca Daly

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