Improve Your Acting Skills

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Are you an aspiring screen actor? Are you looking to release your inner Meryl Streep or Viola Davies or Michael Fassbender. Do you want to perfect your performances? Drive up the drama? Increase the intensity and wow the audiences? If so, read on as we take a look at four ways to improve your acting skills.

Improve Your Acting Skills

People Watch

Surely one of the best ways to spend your spare time! People are fascinating and acting is all about inhabiting a persona – so why not go out and learn from the best: people! You can learn so much from watching other people interact with the world around them. Seeing how real people behave will give you all the tools you need to create believable characters as an actor. So ahead  – go outside and take a look! It’s all there.

Film Watch

To be the best you need to learn from the professionals. Make an effort to watch films that you can learn from, seek out performances that will broaden your knowledge and challenge your critical thinking skills. Ask yourself questions about the actors’ performances: How have they been crafted? What motivates their actions? What does the character do to get what she wants? Look for turning points in the characters’ arcs and how the actor performs these to an audience.


Read screenplays, read plays, read novels, read poetry, read comic books. Read everything you can that will help you to get into the minds of people and their roles in stories. Read the “greats” from the past, explore the classics, seek out the modern writers and see what they are doing – take note of what is happening behind the narrative and plot of a story. Investigate the characters, the conflicts, the choices being made, the reactions to situations and circumstances.

Mirror Someone

Stand face-to-face in front of someone.  Without talking , get used to looking at each other and try to relax. Slowly start to move and your partner tries to match your movements always trying to be perfectly in sync – the ultimate goal is that you become fully matched and you reach a level where it is difficult for anyone to tell who is leading and is mirroring. This is a great exercise to learn to receive information from someone else in a scene.

Screen Acting Course at StageScreen Classes

Are you looking to hone your acting to camera skills. The Screen Acting Course at StageScreen Classes is the right course for you.

This seven week Screen Acting Course will take students through script breakdown, characterisation and screen acting techniques carefully designed to enhance believability in a performance.

During the course all students will get a chance to rehearse and have a showreel scene filmed by working industry professionals. The course is limited to small numbers to ensure enough one to one training and development.

Screen Acting Course at StageScreen Classes


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