Jupiter Visitor Night @ DIAS Dunsink Observatory

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Dunsink Observatory invites you to join them for a night-long celebration of space — from Ireland’s rich and colourful history of exploring the universe, to our role in making future discoveries beyond our atmosphere.

Jupiter Visitor Night @ DIAS Dunsink Observatory takes place Wed, 24 May 2023 from 19:00 at Dunsink Observatory Dunsink Lane D15 XR2R Castleknock.

Throughout the night there will be talks, conversation, demonstrations and, weather permitting, some stargazing — all in the historic surroundings of Dunsink Observatory.

Meet the scientists at the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies (DIAS) who are expanding our understanding of the universe, the Dunsink team who care for the history and future of the observatory, and the community of astronomers and space fans who help make Dunsink one of the most important sites for space exploration in Ireland.

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