We Are All Astronomers: 5 Reasons to Get Into Astronomy

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We Are All Astronomers: 5 Reasons to Get Into Astronomy: Every one of us at one stage has gazed in wonder out into the skies and been in awe of the stars and planets that exist around us. As we did, even if we weren’t aware at the time, we took our first step as an astronomer and tapped into our inner scientist! By looking into the skies and wondering what’s out there, we ask the questions that Astronomers have been exploring for thousands of years.

Astronomy is a natural science that studies everything beyond our planet, from the planets, moons and stars in our own solar system to distant nebulae, galaxies, and comets billions of light-years away. 

Beyond the academic rigour of the science of Astronomy are millions of people who practice Astronomy as a hobby and gaze out into the sky regularly. Astronomy has become a popular hobby for many people of different ages and backgrounds, who have taken up the hobby seeking to understand more about the stars and planets that make up the cosmos. Maybe it’s something you’ve thought about exploring. Here we take a look at 5 reasons you should get into Astronomy.

We Are All Astronomers: 5 Reasons You Get Into Astronomy

Astronomy is Accessible

Astronomy is a great science to get into and because there are so many different areas of astronomy anyone can take it up, at any level. At its most basic,  astronomy requires nothing more than being curious and looking up! 

Contribute towards the advancement of this science

Even if you think you are taking it up as a hobby and hope to spot a few planets or stars – who knows what you will find out there! You might join the legions of amateur astronomers who have made some truly historic and important discoveries over the years and became a part of astronomy history. Maybe you’re next!

Ask the big questions

Looking out at the vast expanse of our universe and learning more about the stars and planets leads us to think about the bigger picture and ask ourselves questions about our own origins and our future and beyond- are we alone? Who or what else is out there? These questions lead to deeper, more reflective thinking which helps us grasp the enormity of the universe, all that exists within it and our place in it. 

Appreciating existence

When you look out into space the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and the Universe, you cannot help but marvel at our existence as a species who have been fortunate enough to come into existence, live, survive and thrive in this vast amazing cosmos.

Astronomy is affordable

Getting a start in Astronomy is really budget-friendly and you can do so much and have so much fun without spending big money.

Your main piece of equipment is a telescope and there are many low-cost telescopes or a good pair of stargazing binoculars that can help you achieve many of the same things you could with a professional telescope.

The object of your passion – the sky – is right there for everyone to explore for free.

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