Foundation of Drawing at East Coast Art Studios

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East Coast Art Studios have a number of Foundations of Drawing courses lined up which offer an exciting introduction to both drawing and to East Coast Art Studio’s philosophy to learning art.


The study of drawing involves exploring line, weight, pressure, focus, depth and temperature. We emulate the surface qualities of excellent drawing from the breadth of art’s history. Foundations of Drawing starts you on this journey of discovery from the halls of art history: with practice this can lead you to your own personal style.


In the first of four sessions, students receive a live demonstration of technique and then do a study of a Bargue plate to understand how to break shape down to straight lines, and to learn how to create diffused value systems. In the second session students undertake a study of both a Giacometti drawing in charcoal and a Seurat crayon drawing on canvas paper. In the third session students practice a study of a John Singer Sargent portrait. In the final session students create their own drawing based upon the techniques they find of most interest.


  • Level: Beginners, Intermediate
  • All materials included.
  • Book early to secure your place. Class size limited to 12


Foundation of Drawing at East Coast Art Studios

November –Tuesday  8th,15th,22nd,29th    Afternoon 1-5pm  (16 hours total)
– cost 200Eur     Book Now   – 3 places left!


December – Sat -Sun  3rd and 4th,      10am – 4pm       2 day course 
– cost  150Eur    Book Now


January – Sat -Sun  21st and 22nd,      10am – 4pm       2 day course 
– cost  150Eur    Book Now

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“Prior to attending East Coast Art Studios , I didn’t have a lot of drawing or painting experience. However, within a month I saw immense improvement in my technical skills. My favourite aspect of the drawing course was that I was able to choose my preferred techniques and develop them…After taking four drawing classes, I worked on my own composition using the skills I developed. I appreciate how Mr. Llewellyn respected my style of drawing. He showed me artists he recommended I study and encouraged practising techniques in the style of other artists. As I began to work more independently, he continued to introduce me to new techniques and answered any questions.


East Coast Art Studios: A Unique Creative Space for Artists of All Levels

Steven Galvin

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