Asian Cooking at Cabinteely Community School

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Asian Cooking at Cabinteely Community School is an 8-week course beginning in January.

Dishes range from Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Vietnam and Chinese. The course includes quick and easy meals for one or two, dishes the whole family will enjoy to fabulous dishes ideal to cook for dinner parties to wow your guests! Examples of some of the dishes included are Pad Thai, Teriyaki Chicken, Vietnamese Noodle Salad, Rogan Josh and Nasi Goreng. Students also have the opportunity to suggest dishes that they would like to prepare, so every course is tailored to the needs and interests of that particular group.

Ingredients provided at an additional cost of €45

Tutor: Colette Walker

Learn more // Enquire // Book course here.

Cabinteely Adult Education is based in Cabinteely Community School in the heart of Cabinteely, Dublin 18. We offer over 75 courses, evening classes, morning classes and adult education courses in Cabinteely, Dublin 18.

In addition to our extensive range of over 75 evening classes, we are delighted to introduce a number of QQI (FETAC) Level 5 certification courses, some of which we have been providing by day for over 20 years. Our QQI evening courses support those in employment, those who would like to upskill, develop back to work skills or want to start their own business.

We prepare participants for jobs by providing courses, skills, knowledge, competence and confidence required to work in their chosen sector. Our courses also prepare students for progression to further studies as successful students may apply through the Higher Education Links Scheme to a range of third-level courses. Each of our certificates comprise of a two year part-time course involving eight modules – four modules per year over two nights per week.

For more information about the classes and courses run at Cabinteely Community School, view our courses here in the Course Finder or contact us for more details.

Steven Galvin

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