What does a Legal Secretary do?

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Do you have an interest in law? Are you looking to enhance your career with fast-paced, exciting and rewarding work? Have you considered becoming a legal secretary? If so, read on as we take a look at what a legal secretary typically does:

What does a Legal Secretary do?

  • Provides administrative support to lawyers, attorneys and paralegals in a law firm or legal department
  • Organizes lawyers’ schedules, calendars and appointments
  • Communicates with clients to gather documentation, arrange meetings/calls, provide updates on case status
  • Drafts, types and proofreads legal documents like contracts, motions, legal briefs
  • Maintains accurate records and files related to cases using physical and electronic systems
  • Assists with legal research by pulling relevant cases, laws, articles as needed
  • Prepares/finalizes legal forms, templates, presentations using MS Office or other software
  • Coordinates travel, meetings, conferences for legal team members
  • Compiles billable hours and expenses and generates client invoices
  • Orders office supplies and oversees general office administration
  • Maintains strict confidentiality and adheres to data privacy policies

The core responsibilities involve providing efficient administrative assistance to enable lawyers to effectively manage cases and focus their time on providing quality legal services to clients. Strong organization skills, attention to detail and legal knowledge are essential.

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