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King’s Inns

King’s Inns, Henrietta Street,, Dublin City North, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Eircode: D01 KF59

Based between Henrietta Street and Constitution Hill in Dublin 1, King’s Inns is an independent educational institution renowned for professional legal education and training. It is Ireland’s oldest School of Law and one of Ireland’s significant historical environments.

As well as educating future and qualified barristers, the School extends its reach to a diverse community of people from legal and non–legal backgrounds offering accessible part-time courses in specialist areas of the law. With courses taught by expert law practitioners, King’s Inns students include leaders, advocates, innovators, and game-changers, from industries across Ireland and abroad. The School excels in promoting the use of the Irish language in the law.

In all it does, King’s Inns aims to be effective, dynamic and modern in practice, while cherishing and integrating many of the traditions from the time of its establishment in the 16th century.
Advanced Diploma in Corporate, White–Collar and Regulatory Crime

INTRODUCTION Over recent years, discussion on crime has gradually focused more on corporate, white–collar and regulatory crime. This shift is primarily due to the fallout from the international financial crisis and the profound impact this has had on the economy. There exists a heightened awareness of the catastrophic effects that offences of this nature can…

Advanced Diploma in Mediation

INTRODUCTION Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms have never been of greater importance than they are at present. In particular, mediation and access to qualified mediators are becoming a key feature of the Irish legal system. This is in part thanks to the coming into force of the Mediation Act, 2017. King’s Inns launched this exciting new…

Advanced Diploma in Quasi–Judicial Decision–Making

INTRODUCTION The range of entities making independent decisions over a multiplicity of complaints, disputes and entitlements is ever–increasing. Tribunals, adjudicators, disciplinary panels, ombudsmen, and a gamut of appeals bodies are keystones of both public and, to a growing extent, private administration in Ireland. These quasi–judicial decision–makers walk an often tricky line between procedures adapted to…

Advanced Diploma in Data Protection Law

INTRODUCTION Data protection has gained an increasingly high profile, both in Ireland and internationally, over recent years. With the imminent entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (“the GDPR”), which significantly reforms the regulatory regime, it is more important than ever for citizens, businesses and public institutions to become familiar with their rights…

Advanced Diploma in Media and Social Media Law

INTRODUCTION The law governing media and social media encompasses several different areas, from defamation and privacy to criminal and intellectual property laws. The legal principles underpinning the use of various forms of media have practical consequences in many professions, including journalism, blogging, and political communications through to marketing, advertising, and in many other areas of…

Advanced Diploma in Planning and Environmental Law

INTRODUCTION This course provides participants with a comprehensive practical knowledge of Planning and Environmental Law, which will be relevant to professionals who are involved in advising on planning and strategic infrastructure applications, enforcement issues, development plans and strategic planning, waste management and climate resilience and adaptation. PROGRAMME AIMS AND LEARNING OUTCOMES This Advanced Diploma provides…

Advanced Diploma in Medical Law

INTRODUCTION This course provides a comprehensive overview of Medical Law with a focus on both domestic and European in that area. Participants will develop an understanding of the practical application of Medical Law principles, the legal obligations of medical professionals and regulatory practice. One topical area that will be covered in the course is the…

Advanced Diploma in Applied Employment Law

INTRODUCTION This is a time of unprecedented change and growing complexity in the area of employment law. Understanding these developments is of critical importance to those seeking to negotiate a surefooted pathway through the workplace environment. King’s Inns is delighted to bring together a team of leading experts, including some of the most prominent legal…

Advanced Diploma in Immigration and Asylum Law

INTRODUCTION Since the mid–1990s Ireland has experienced a ‘sea change’ in the social and policy landscapes in this sector. This has arisen in the context of significant inward migration to this country and an unprecedented inflow of international–protection applications, both from individuals and family groups from all over the world. A substantial national jurisprudence in…

Advanced Diploma in Electoral Law and Politics

INTRODUCTION At a time of unprecedented change in our electoral and parliamentary system, which includes new regulations on party funding; gender quotas; election expenses; the creation of the Electoral Commission; and new legislation governing parliamentary inquiries, electoral law has never been more complex or regulated. An understanding of the law governing the democratic process is…

Advanced Diploma in Law and Education

INTRODUCTION Many laws impact the day–to–day running of schools, from admissions policies to liability for negligence, to the place of religion in the classroom. In the modern educational environment, it is essential that principals, assistant principals, home school liaisons, teachers of all levels and those in management positions are familiar with this legal matrix. This…

Diploma in Legal Studies at King\'s Inns

The Diploma in Legal Studies is a two–year law course leading to: a qualification in law; and being eligible to sit the Entrance Examination for the degree of Barrister–at–Law. This qualification is awarded independently by The Honorable Society of King’s Inns. The skills and competencies gained in studying in this institution are transferable, portable, and…

Advanced Diploma in Public Procurement Law

INTRODUCTION While the European Union (“EU”) public procurement regime has long been in place, it has received greater prominence in recent years, in particular, following the introduction of the remedies regime in 2010, and the automatic suspension of the conclusion of a contract following a challenge. Public purchasing is also central to the internal market…

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