Threading classes: learn the newest old way to remove unwanted hair

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Interested in threading classes? Threading has gained in popularity in the last few years. You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a new hair removal technique, but it is not. Threading originated in Asia a very long time ago. However, in recent years it has migrated to the west. It is popular for removing hair on the face as well as for shaping eyebrows.

How it works

It should be obvious that threading uses thread! The practitioner takes a thin length of thread and then doubles and twists it. The thread is rolled over the hair and plucks it out at the follicle.

Threading is precise – at least when done by someone with experience. This is one of the major advantages to threading above other hair removal methods. As a result, it is particularly useful to define the eyebrows.

In addition, threading is one of the best ways to remove several unwanted hairs at once. That makes it quicker than using tweezers. Although the practitioner can remove more than one hair at a time, it is not suitable for larger areas such as the legs.

Threading is also gentle on the skin. However, if a practitioner removes several hairs in one go, it may sting a bit. But as the French remind us, il faut souffrir pour être belle – you must suffer to be beautiful.


Threading is widely used across the east. However it is not clear exactly where it comes from. In some cultures, threading was only done on special occasions, such as for a wedding. These days, threading is popular in both the Middle and Far East and has spread across most of the world.

Studying threading

Most beauty courses will teach hair removal methods. However, it is possible to study threading as a standalone course. Courses range from a few days to a number of weeks in length. Students will learn the various techniques to remove hair from the eyebrows, lips, chins, sideburns and forehead.

You’ll find beauty courses here. For threading classes, please click here.

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