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International Institute of Barbering and Salon Business

17 W Douglas Street, Cork, Republic of Ireland. Eircode: T12 D7X0

“Changing the standards in the Barbering and Salon Business industry, one step at a time”

Why choose International Institute of Barbering and Salon Business Training Programme?

Full-time and part-time internationally recognised, certified and accredited programmes that provide the foundation for anyone serious about their career in the barbering and salon business profession. With bespoke modules, you will have a greater understanding of what is needed to be successful and build a professional business.

What is involved?

Registering for one of the International Institute of Barbering and Salon Business training programmes will ensure you will have hundreds of training hours covering barber theory, salon theory, business theory, practical and technical barber skills with a view to becoming a barber or Salon Business owner. The bespoke training suits entrepreneurial people, who are looking to build a successful, profitable future in this industry anywhere in the world.

What’s the difference between International Institute of Barbering and Salon Business and a hairdressing school? The biggest difference between the two is that we focus primarily on men’s hair and facial hair and practical salon business training.  Training programmes can be attended in person at one of our training centres or one of our Tutors can be engaged on a consultancy basis, and some modules can be completed online. Accreditation and certification can be applied for as an individual or on a salon basis. Terms and Conditions apply.

What skills will I learn?

You will learn cutting and styling skills and techniques using clippers, scissors, razors and detailers to give your client the best result taking into account a multiplicity of factors. You’ll also develop the skill required to shave a man’s face properly, including traditional straight razor shaves. Shaving is both an art and a science! You will learn colouring and other styling techniques to offer a full range of services to your clients.  You will also learn extensively about salon business management and business planning.

Barber Tutor Training Programme – is specifically designed for talented experienced barbers who want to take their career to the next level either as an inhouse manager/supervisor or as a tutor to aspiring barbers.

The programme follows a strict protocol and offers the educators the programme that they can then provide to students.

A Certificate in Barbering, Cert.Barbering (Part-time)

A Certificate in Barbering SALON PRACTICES Consultation & Customer Service Salon Health and Safety Product Training Sales End Of Service Procedure – (Rebooking, Product Sales And Client awareness)   SCISSOR & COMB CONTROL Working with all lengths of hair styles. Layers Graduations Fades Texturising Lectures, Demonstrations and Mannequin heads.   FADING & CLIPPER CONTROL Use…

Barber Tutor / Educator Accreditation

The accreditation or recognition of existing barber tutors typically involves acknowledgment of their teaching qualifications, expertise in the field, and their ability to effectively educate aspiring barbers. Accreditation can come from various sources: Educational Institutions: Barber tutors may receive recognition or accreditation from educational bodies or institutions offering formal training programs for barbers. This could…

Barber Tutor / Educator Training Programme

Being a good or even great barber does not mean you would be a great educator! Being a great barber and being a barber tutor involve different skill sets and responsibilities. A great barber is skilled in various grooming techniques, understands different hair types, and can deliver exceptional services to clients. They excel in haircutting,…

A Diploma in Barbering, Dip.Barbering (Full-time)

cies and procedures Health and safety . Salon Safety Dermatology Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases Oncology Trichology Product Training Social Media for Salons Brand Design for Salons Website Design DIPLOMA IN BARBERING AND SALONMANAGEMENT (DIP.Barbering) Full-time and Part-time options available. 22 Weeks Practical and Technical Skills Training; Policies and procedures Health and safety . Salon Safety…

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International Institute of Barbering and Salon Business
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