Eyelash extensions classes: the unstoppable rise of glam eyes

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In the past few years eyelash extensions have become incredibly popular. Unlike the falsies of the past, today’s eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, giving you glam eyes for weeks at a time. Beauticians who specialise in eyelash extensions are in high demand. It’s no wonder we like to beautify our eyes – after all, they are the window to the soul.

About eyelash extensions

There are three types of lash extensions: synthetic, silk and mink. A lash technician applies the lashes one at a time using semi-permanent glue. This glue is gentle – it won’t irritate the eyes or damage natural lashes. It takes around two hours to apply a full set. A half set is quicker – and cheaper! However, this still gives a dramatic effect, making eyelashes look longer and thicker.

Like natural eyelashes, falsies fall out over time. Clients who wish to maintain the look need to see their lash technician every three to four weeks for a top-up.

Specialised eyelash experts

Anyone working with eyes needs professional training. An extension expert will not only know how to apply the lashes with skill and care, he or she should be able to offer expert advice.

A good lash expert must know how to advice clients on the best extensions for them.  Lash extensions range from natural looking to full-on Hollywood glamazon lashes. Although they vary in length and thickness, certain types will not be suitable for everyone. First off, there is personal preference. Some women like their extensions to blend seamlessly with their natural lashes. Others prefer strikingly thick and long lashes.

As well as preference, a person’s natural lashes limit how long and thick extensions can be. This is where a lash expert’s advice is particularly important. Extensions that are too heavy can damage natural lashes.

Properly trained lash technicians are able to advice clients on the most suitable lashes. They won’t get glue in a client’s eye (horrible thought!), nor will they hurt a client during the process. With a properly trained technician, eyelash extensions are painless.

Studying eyelash extension techniques

Eyelash extension classes are open to qualified or aspiring beauticians. Many beauty care courses will cover extensions as part of their curriculum. However there are standalone courses for people who want to become eyelash experts.

You’ll find beauty courses here. For eyelash extension classes, please click here.




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