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What are sewing classes?
Sewing classes teach the craft of stitching fabrics together, either by hand using a needle and thread, or mechanically using a sewing machine. Many sewing skills and techniques have been passed from generation to generation, and this connection to the past probably goes some way towards explaining the enduring appeal of the activity. While most of the people who are enrolled on Sewing classes in Ireland are generally there for the simple pleasure to be gained from so relaxing a hobby, it is also a life skill with several practical applications.

What`s involved
At the more basic end of the scale, sewing classes are concerned with teaching participants about reconstructing and repairing: participants will learn how to fix loose threads, amend unraveled stitches, and to reinsert missing buttons. Yet there is much more to needlework than this. Learning how to embroider by hand can be a tricky business but there are comprehensive Creative Embroidery courses available to learners that will allow them to create intricate patterns by their own hands.

Not only will students learn essential stitching and sewing techniques dealing with straight lines, corners, trimmings, zips, hems and so on they will also learn how to work with different threads and fabrics. In addition to this, participants will also experiment with some of the methods for transferring images onto fabrics. A further incentive for enrolling on an Embroidery course is that all students get to bring home the pieces that they create in class. This means that you will get to hold on to that trendy bag, embellished garment, fashionable cushion or unique tableware. Of course it is also possible to improve your craftwork skills by dedicating some time to a particular area. Quilt Making and Patchwork classes have grown in popularity as people seek affordable and creatively fulfilling alternatives to stock offered by major stores.

By finally taking out those lovingly stored fabric items and using your new found skills to craft something distinctly personal, you can transform your handiwork into something of a family heirloom and so both the techniques and the creations can be enjoyed by the generations to come! And if you re really interested in rekindling the past, it s also possible to take a course in the basics of Carrickmacross Lace a traditional Irish craft that can be dated back to 1820. Again, learners will get to take away more than just techniques with them, as each person will get to complete and keep their own piece of decorative craft. For those of a more practical nature or lovers of soft furnishings, there are also part-time Curtain Making classes that will offer simple sewing solutions for making curtains, pelmets, tiebacks and cushions.

Why enrol in sewing courses?
If you prefer your accessories, clothes and soft furnishings to be unique, hand-made and bespoke rather than mass-produced factory fare, then a Sewing course could be just what you need. And not only is sewing and needlework a creative and practical endeavour, it is also a relaxing pastime that you can share and enjoy with others. What comes next Knowing how to put together quality quilts, curtains and the like allows you to display your individual flair while saving money in the process. Those who manage to amass enough training and experience can also go on to set up their own alterations and repairs businesses.

For more information about classes and courses in sewing, browse’s Course Finder.

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