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For millennia, people have used jewellery either as a means of decoration or as a way of signifying status, value or affiliation. Evidence suggests that the practise of established jewellery making goes back some 5, 000 years ago to Ancient Egypt (indeed, much further if you take primitive shell jewellery into consideration) and jewellery making courses will teach you everything you need to know about the subject. Jewellery has a global heritage, and earrings, amulets, bracelets, headdresses and so on have been crafted and worn across continents, civilisations and eras.

Jewellery making courses teach about a rich and storied heritage, and it is one that many jewellery-making courses are careful to be respectful of as they pass on jewellery-making techniques that have been developed for as long as people have mined precious materials from the earth.

What do jewellery making courses involve

A part-time course in Jewellery Making basics will show learners how to create earrings, bracelets, necklaces and fashion accessories using off-loom and wirework techniques. Students will spend time getting to know the material and tools involved in the craft; and as foundation-level courses are aimed solely at jewellery-making novices, they will be given ample tuition and time to get to grips with the relevant skills and procedures (note that there will be an emphasis placed on the safe use of jewellery-making tools).

Intermediate Jewellery Making courses are more project-focused and will cover new techniques such as chainmaille and bead weaving. Such courses tend to put more focus on the creative side of things, as participants learn to draft their own jewellery designs, which they will then work on bringing to life. Some Jewellery Making courses also provide advice on setting up your own jewellery-making business offering advice on creating a business plan, promoting your products and selling to buyers.

Those who are serious about working in the jewellery industry may also be interested in studying part-time for a Diploma in Gemmology. Students on the diploma programme will learn about precious and semi-precious gemstones, along with the laboratory instruments such as binocular microscopes, refractometers, and conoscopes used in gemstone identification. The programme will also cover topics such as Earth Materials and History, Properties and Instrumentation, and Recording Gemstone Properties. The part-time Diploma in Gemmology does not require than participants have any previous experience or training in the area.

Why do it

Jewellery making courses teach about an ancient, timeless, expressive and highly creative and craft as well as an enjoyable and satisfying pastime. By doing a part-time course in Jewellery Making, you will learn to assemble unique pieces that you can wear yourself, offer as a gift to family or friends, or sell to interested buyers.

What comes next

Those who are talented enough at what they do have the option of setting up their own jewellery-making business. Others who graduate from Jewellery Making courses may go on to work within the jewellery or retail industries.

At a glance

Most part-time Jewellery Making courses can be completed within 6 to 10 weeks. A part-time Diploma in Gemmology takes two years to complete.

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