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Don’t hide your inner artist under a bushel. An evening class in drawing can unleash the Leonardo lurking inside all of us. . .

Nobody is a really an absolute beginner artist. It might be a while ago now, but we all used to think we were the bestest drawers around, and had the gold stars, ruined clothes and bits of colouredy paper stuck to the fridge to prove it. We might not have had as much time to devote to our artistic endeavours lately, with exams, work, family, etc all getting in the way, but deep inside we all know we can draw.

Learn sketching skills on Drawing Courses

We just need the encouragement. Which is exactly what art nightclasses are for. Budding artists of all levels will find the expert guidance, supportive classmates and productive environment they need to get their artistic juices flowing.

One of the best ways to get re-acquainted with art is with a course in drawing and sketching. This will boost your confidence and make you realise that art is something that can be learned. Most people complain that they can’t draw a straight line, but this is not strictly necessary unless you are drawing rulers, sticks or very skinny people. In a drawing class you will get to try out a variety of media, such as pencil, charcoal, and ink, and decide which suits you best.

People tend to start off drawing objects, models or still life. You can find yourself shading a distinct likeness of your keys, shoe or an old banana. Some courses concentrate on drawing the human form (life drawing). Drawing is really the basis for a lot of other artistic endeavours and even a short course will help you develop the skills and techniques necessary to create preliminary sketches and strong completed works.

An Artist in the Making

Making mistakes is all part of the creative process. Everyone attending drawing courses will realise quickly why pencils have erasers. But with a bit of effort most people will soon begin to improve, and before you know it the drawings you produce will start to resemble what they are supposed to. And by the end of the course, you will have something original which you created yourself to show for it. All of which are excellent reasons to inquire about taking a drawing nightcourse at a location near you today.

Frank Bolger

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