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Thinking of studying Semi-Permanent Makeup? 

Courses in Semi-Permanent Makeup can be extremely beneficial to anyone interested in working in beauty. Learning how to apply these treatments and ensuring that clients are comfortable in your care is essential.  Permanent makeup can often be too much of a commitment to make, so there is a large market for Semi-Permanent Makeup treatments at the moment. The beauty industry, in general, is booming which means you should be able to find a job soon enough after completing the course. 

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What will you study? 

There are many different areas within Semi-Permanent Makeup. 

If eyebrows are your thing, you can train in making people’s eyebrows look amazing. Through the use of different products, you’ll learn the art of brow lamination. You will be taught how to lift the brows, as well as waxing and mapping them. Other similar courses will teach you how to wax, tint and shape eyebrows for your clients.

Similarly, eyelash lift is a Semi-Permanent Makeup treatment that will leave your client’s lashes looking longer and fuller. The results will last for weeks. It’s recommended to take up an eyelash tining course with a lift course as you will be able to offer more treatments to your clientele. 

There are also options for eyelash extension courses for you to take up. These vary from different types to different lengths. Regardless of what you choose, you’re guaranteed to get many clients from your work. 

The length of these courses may vary depending on the provider, but most are just one day long. This means that you can easily become qualified in whatever Semi-Permanent Makeup course you choose. They generally last for a few hours to a full day. 

Some courses are offered on campus in a classroom. This means that you can get hands-on experience in the treatment under the guidance of your instructors. However, there are also a number of courses that offer their classes online. This will allow you to take up new treatments from your home at a time that suits you. 

Semi-Permanent Makeup courses vary in terms of entry requirements. Some courses will expect students to have previous experience in the beauty industry, while others will not. These courses will simply require you to have a genuine interest in what you will be learning. 

What career paths are available?

Semi-Permanent Makeup courses can have a number of career paths for its students.

Completing a course will qualify you to work in a salon alongside other beauticians. All you need to do is apply to jobs advertised or hand in CVs to places of interest.

You can also set up your own working space and operate from there. Setting up your own business can be extremely valuable as you can be your own boss and work when suits you. Many beauticians set up their own spaces for treatments and then gradually expand their business by working with other beauticians and allowing them to operate out of their space. 

Semi-Permanent Makeup courses can lead students on to further study. They can take on other courses in Semi-Permanent Makeup to develop their skills. Alternatively, there is an option to take on other courses in the beauty industry that may not necessarily be semi-permanent. Any additional course you take on will stick with you as a beautician and will allow you to offer more services. 

Whatever path you choose, having an interest in what you do is essential. Taking up a course in Semi-Permanent Makeup will not only provide you with many job opportunities but will also satisfy your desire to work in the field. 

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