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By Rebecca Daly - Last update

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Why study Bicycle Repair?

Having a bicycle is an incredibly handy and useful thing to have. You will be able to travel around independently with your bike. However, unfortunately, there may be problems from time to time with it. Taking up a course in Bicycle Repair will allow you to conquer any problems that may arise with your bike.

Perhaps you just have a love of all things cycling and want to use your knowledge to help others out. Wherever your interests lie, check out the database to find a Bicycle Repair course to suit you. 

What will you study? 

Taking up a course in Bicycle Repair will equip you with all the necessary skills to become confident in the field of repairing and keeping your bike up to scratch. 

A course in Bicycle Maintenance for Beginners will start you off with all the necessary skills without the need for prior experience in the field. You will learn how to master different repair requirements for bicycles. 

Understanding how the bicycle’s breaks and gears work is crucial to understanding how to keep bikes in good shape and maintained. Learning how to keep aspects of the bike lubricated is essential and students will learn how to keep on top of this. 

Punctures are unavoidable when cycling. This means that learning how to repair them is essential. You’ll learn how to fix the wheels when they are damaged and how to prevent problems in the tyre from getting worse. 

When working with bikes, it’s important to have good knowledge of safety and cycling efficiency skills. You will be able to pass on this knowledge to your customers or your family and friends who are into cycling to ensure safe cycling for all. 

Cycling has become much more popular in the last few years in Ireland. Many streets have incorporated cycling lanes and cycling to work has never been so popular. Now is the perfect time to take up a course in Bicycle Repair to become a pro in all things cycling. 

Bicycle Repair courses last for 5 weeks. They last about an hour and a half every week which means they will fit into your routine with ease. You’ll be required to attend the course in person, but this will give you hands-on experience and will get you more comfortable with using the necessary tools. 

Career Paths

Taking up a course in Bicycle Repair will open up many career paths to you. 

You will be qualified to work in any bicycle or repair shop. You’ll be able to undertake repairs and fix up bikes in any way. You will also be able to help with the sales aspect of the business as you will understand the needs of customers and will be able to match bikes accordingly. 

Further study is a possibility in the field as well. There are many other repair courses that you can do to have a number of qualifications under your belt. 

Taking up a course in Bicycle Repair can be beneficial even if you don’t want to work in the field. Cycling is a great hobby to have, but often people can be put off when things go wrong. Learning how to repair and maintain a bike is extremely important and will stick with you wherever you go. 

The skills you learn in the course can be used wherever you are in the world. You could be on even the most deserted trails and find yourself in trouble with a damaged bike. This course will allow you to stay calm and confident in these scenarios. 

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