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You probably have some preconceptions about Color Me Beautiful. They are probably quite accurate. Yes, a woman is going to drape you in coloured fabrics and tell you if you are a Winter or a Spring. But there is method to the madness and if you want to improve your overall image and style, then you might consider taking a course.

The main idea behind Color Me Beautiful is that we all have different skin tones, hair and eye colours and the combination of the three is what makes different clothes and make-up look good or bad on us. The first thing a course will teach is how to determine your own particular season. You will learn about what colours you should wear, what neutrals to team them with and what shades to avoid.

Does your hair have golden or red tones
Do you have medium to dark eyes
Is your hair dark or medium dark

Autumn: You are suited to warm greens, gold and rust.

Is your hair solid silver or dark without golden highlights
Do you have dark eyes

Winter: You are suited to red, royal blue and teal green

Does your hair have golden or red tones
Do you have clear, light to medium eyes
Is your hair medium to light

Spring: You are suited to teal, salmon and periwinkle

If you are none of the above, then you are:

Summer: You are suited to pink, mauve and slate blue

There are variations within these categories – for example you might be a Spring who can horn in on some of Winter’s colours. Your lecturer will explain these nuances to you as the class progresses. Your allotted season will also determine your makeup routine and you will learn step-by-step make-up application and how to put your make-up colours together.

A course will also teach you about styling – the types and shapes of clothing that suit you most. You will learn how to determine your body type and the clothes that will flatter it. Depending on the class you take, you could also learn how to wear the latest fashion trends in a way that will suit you and also how to clear your wardrobe of the items that are dragging you down.


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