Creative Writing Courses

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Creative Writing Courses

Attempting to describe creative writing in any sort of meaningful way is like trying to catch quicksilver. In case you did not know it, the statement above is a simile, not a metaphor. However, similes and metaphors can both be used to examine sometimes-difficult concepts by indicating similar qualities in unrelated things. Metaphors tend to be subtler than similes, and generally involve the reader more through generating a particular tone or mood. Such elements are all part of what creative writing is about. Good writers know how to creatively use and control language to breathe life into a short story, novel, poem or screenplay – and that is what is taught in creative writing courses. If you’ve been paying attention so far, you may have realised that the previous sentence used a metaphor 🙂

What do creative writing courses involve

It is said that everyone has at least one good book in them. The major challenge is, however, to make that book interesting for others to read, and that is no easy task. In order to get your book published, you will need to approach writing as you would any other intricate craft with a willingness to spend time learning, practising and getting it all wrong before you finally get it right. This is where part-time courses in Creative Writing come into their own, as they are designed to offer the training, advice and encouragement that will give you the best possible chance for one day seeing your work in print (or, as things are going these days, onscreen).

Most Creative Writing courses will begin by introducing participants to the various forms of writing poetry, short fiction, novels, drama and theatre, and so on along with their various distinct characteristics. They will then go on to examining the fundamental issues in the creative writing process through classroom discussion, weekly assignments and constructive criticism. Of course it will take time before you begin to develop your own writing strategy and style. Courses in Novel Writing will help you become a competent storyteller through building an appreciation of the nuances of plot, theme, narrative technique and character.

Things that you might not have previously considered when writing such as knowing when to withhold information in order to build tension and suspense; paring down your use of adjectives for more effective descriptions; and getting your characters to speak in a believable way will all be given much consideration with a view to helping you improve your writing. Certificate courses in Creative Writing will cover similar areas but will do so in greater detail. They will encourage patience as a virtue (often said to be the thing that separates the work of the amateur from that of the professional) during the vital stages of reappraising and developing your ideas, and self-editing and rewriting your work. The most effective publishing opportunities will likewise be explored (in print, radio or online), as will the best marketing strategies for finding an audience for your poem, play, story or manuscript.

Why enroll on a creative writing courses?

While getting work published is certainly the goal of all aspiring authors, there is still a tremendous amount of satisfaction and confidence to be gained from learning to produce completed pieces of fiction or poetry. Of course it is not just about meeting some particular standard of quality. Creative writing offers you the chance to self-express, clarify your own thoughts, and enjoy and explore your imaginative freedom.

What comes next

Upon completing a Creative Writing programme, it is likely that you will have complied a portfolio of your own work. This will prove highly useful if you are considering further learning in a related field or if you are applying for a position within a creative industry (communications, media, advertising, scriptwriting, copywriting or publishing). This becomes even more impressive if you have managed to get some of your pieces published. Of course, if you are talented, hardworking and persistent enough, you may even manage to get your manuscript published, in which case you can expect the appendent whirlwind of a publicity tour!

At a glance

Creative Writing classes can help improve your writing for work in areas such as media, communications and publishing. Programmes typically run for 8 to 10 weeks. A certificate programme in Creative Writing will last for around 5 months.

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