Circuit Training Classes

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Circuit training is fast becoming a popular option for those looking to get fit quick. It s an interval training method in which strength exercises are combined with endurance or aerobic exercises; mixing benefits of a cardiovascular and a strength training workout.

How does circuit training work

The term circuit means a group of activities. In circuit training classes there will generally be a number of selected stations positioned around the facility that are to be visited in rapid succession. Some of these stops will be resistance equipment while other areas will be allocated to floor exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. Participants must complete each activity on one station before they proceed to the next one. This will continue for a required length of time.

It may sound like a nightmare and the fact that these courses are often named Bootcamp can intimidate those of a fearful disposition. However circuit training is a great way of getting a whole body work-out and there s no need for expensive gym equipment so if you re feeling adventurous you could always set up your own stations for you and your friends; just make sure to get your friends to sign a waiver on their way in. . .


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