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Theology and the philosophy of religion are two disciplines that share many common characteristics but it is vital that we distinguish between them. While the philosophy of religion is committed to the investigation and study of faith, theology focuses on defending a particular religious position or idea.

Theology courses usually take place in religious institutions and although it is a popular subject today its origins can be chronicled back to Ancient Greece when Plato and Aristotle used it to study the Olympian gods and the writings of authors such as Homer.

The discipline has some conditions attached to the process of learning. Theologians assume the authority of prophets, scriptures, and traditions; that is, where philosophy questions, theology accepts. It does however adopt various forms of analysis and arguments to help understand and explain religious topics, yet it is usually used to defend or protect a particular idea or aspect of a faith.

For those interested in furthering their understanding of their own religion, or those of others, then
this is undoubtedly a stimulating and rewarding area of study. So if you fancy embarking on a quest for a comprehensive understanding of human existence and the role religion plays in the world, then a course in theology is certainly a fine place to start.

Frank Bolger

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