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The Declutter Academy Certified Professional Training is a leading-edge, tried-and-tested decluttering approach that’s designed to create freedom in all layers and levels of your life, beyond your wardrobe, home and workspace! 

This online course teaches you the three essential elements so you can do what you love and transform living spaces and lives with confidence and ease:

  1. YOURSELF: Master the art of decluttering and organising and put the heart back into your wardrobe and home
  2. OTHERS: Implement what you’ve learned to help friends and family or paid clients and transform their lives
  3. CAREER: Build a meaningful business that inspires and rewards you

The Declutter Academy Certification is internationally-recognised and professionally-insured. It’s broken into the essential 5-part Professional Decluttering Training process that you need to overcome your uncertainties and knowledge gaps so you can work in a uniquely specialised, cutting-edge area of decluttering and organising. 

The training was created by Breda Stack of, leading expert in decluttering and letting go since 2010. Irish decluttering author, speaker, trainer, media contributor, founder of National and International Declutter Day, charity spokesperson and decluttering consultant to global household brands, Breda also specialises in the little-understood “LET IT GO” mindset. She shares her critical and fascinating personal and professional decluttering-related education, insights and experiences through The Declutter Academy Certified Training.

The Declutter Academy has a wealth of inspiring, invaluable training content, including 50+ amazing toolkit aids that you can use for yourself and your clients! The training is fully online, so you can complete it in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and around your own time and lifestyle requirements. 

Ask yourself these few questions 

  1. Would you love to start with yourself and discover the best way to finally declutter and let go, organise, shop and create the wardrobe, home and life that inspire you and make you happy?
  2. Do you really want to help friends and family to let go, but you are worried about how best to handle the situation?


  1. Do you love decluttering and/or organising but just don’t know how to start a part-time or full-time business in the area or add these services to your existing business?
  2. Are you nervous that you may not be able to understand or manage the wide range of challenges and emotions that clients experience with decluttering and letting go?
  3. Are you concerned that you don’t have the necessary range of knowledge or tools or the confidence to help clients organise and create the stylish wardrobe and home that reflects their personal tastes and individual requirements?
  4. Are you worried about any of the many different aspects of running a successful career such as working closely with clients in their homes or businesses, managing client expectations, creating and pricing your services, or defining or marketing your unique business approach?

If you answer yes to any of the above, you can find out full details and save 33% on the Certified Training when you register for immediate access today here.


About Declutter Therapy.

Sharing a uniquely-holistic approach to decluttering since 2010, leading decluttering expert Breda Stack of Declutter Therapy and The Declutter Therapist is founder of Ireland’s National Declutter Day and International Declutter Day and author of Declutter Therapy. A regular contributor to TV, radio and print media, Breda is also creator of The Declutter Academy online Professional Training Certification and an online Decluttering Seminar for organisations.

Wellbeing through decluttering is at the heart of Breda’s therapy. Specialising in the often-complex and sensitive emotional aspect of decluttering, she teaches and inspires individuals and groups all around the world to “LET IT GO” so they can enjoy freedom and peace of mind.

Breda’s varied qualifications and professional experience include the areas of Media and Communications, IT, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Training, Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Writing, Editing, Speaking, Reiki, Style Consultancy and Interior Design. In following her own Declutter Therapy teachings, Breda found herself drawn back to art after two decades and in a short time her abstract paintings have been featured in many international competitions and exhibitions. Through her whole-life decluttering philosophy, Breda shares everything she has learned, both personally and professionally, about letting go and its power to transform.

Declutter Therapy is an internationally-registered modality and The Declutter Academy is an internationally-registered trainer with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

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