Photography A Beginners Guide

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Blackrock Further Education Institute is running a Photography A Beginners Guide With Adrian Heffernan. This Photography class  will look at everything from basic camera settings to composition, portraiture, landscape, Black & White, Lens choice, Lighting, and Photo Manipulation, Class sessions will also include debate around photographic issues of the day.

Classes will take on a workshop style – We will aim to produce interesting and creative images in every class session. we will look at the history of photography, and the work of some of the world’s greatest photographers.

The course will cover all the essential skills and knowledge needed for creating stunning images.

Photography A Beginners Guide

1. Create a fun and dynamic learning environment
2. Create the platform for interesting debate around the changing world of photography
3. Give learners the knowledge and skills to create stunning images
4. Give learners knowledge and understanding of the photographic medium

It is recommended learners have a camera with some basic manual control for the practical classes – Understanding Exposure, White Balance, Aperture, Shutter

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5 Reasons To Study Photography

Are you hungry to be creative? Do you have an eye for detail? Do you love to take pictures – not just selfies but of the world around you. Whether that be catching a great image or noticing a great light or capturing a moment in time. If you have a passion for taking photographs then maybe you should consider taking it further and studying it. Here we look at why you should take your hobby to the next level and become a photography student with our 5 Reasons To Study Photography


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