Gaiety School of Acting Studio – A New Level of Part-Time Actor Training

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The Gaiety School of Acting has reimagined its part-time acting courses for 2020/2021. The Studio Suite is an audition only course which will be divided into three levels, and three terms. Actors are expected to commit to all three terms of the course for their learning journey to serve them as best it can.

What can you expect in 2020 at the Gaiety School of Acting?

Classes will be smaller to allow for social distancing, and the amount of courses will be reduced. As a result, every course will encompass many elements of the Gaiety School’s whole repertoire. This means students will get the opportunity to experience a large variety of performance training. Due to smaller classes, there is a strictly limited capacity, thus all classes are now audition only.

Auditions will take place online between July and September 2020. The course will begin October 2020.

Term One: October 2020-December 2020 | Term Two: January 2021-March 2021 | Term Three: April 2021-June 2021  Monday & Wednesday 7pm-9pm or Tuesday & Thursday 7pm-9pm

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GSA Studio gives you the opportunity to train part-time, while balancing other work or study. This programme is the first level in the GSA Studio Suite and has been designed for actors with some prior training. Applicants to the GSA Studio course must complete an audition and interview to assess both the applicant’s talent and commitment to learn. Once successful, incoming students will be expected to commit to all three terms of the course. This commitment is for maximum benefit of the individual and the ensemble.

Actors who are accepted on GSA Studio will work with their fellow students and tutors to connect with their specific qualities and skills as an actor. Students will be given the opportunity to play and explore within the studio setting over the course of the three terms. The opportunity to explore, experiment and examine is crucial for an actor, giving them the chance to learn what works for them. On completion of the course, the group will be ready to put their skills to use on the stage.  The class will meet twice a week with a core tutor, and supplementary masterclasses and seminars/webinars will be offered every term.

This course is the ideal opportunity for an aspiring performer to try out a myriad of performance styles. In GSA Studio you will find what suits you as a unique and individual performer.

Due to smaller classes, GSA Studio has a strictly limited capacity, thus all classes are now audition only.

Course Contents

In each term students will focus on voice, movement, scene study and ensemble work. They will also take part in masterclasses covering topics such as singing, dance, comedy improv and devising.

Seminars/webinars will include talks from industry professionals such as actors, directors, casting directors and producers.

The course will take place in the Gaiety School of Acting in Temple Bar. In the event of the return of social distance restrictions, classes may be moved to an online platform.



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