All You Need to Know About a Course in Millinery

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Thinking of taking up a course in Millinery? 

Millinery is the trade of designing, manufacturing or selling hats and headwear. It is an incredible skill to have and can result in fabulous designs. Millinery is the perfect course to take up if you’ve got a flair for designing pieces and creating the image you have in your head as a physical product. If you reckon you’ve got nimble hands and know your way around a needle and thread, a course in Millenry could open many doors for you. 

What will you study? 

As it is the trade of creating headpieces, you’ll learn all things related to hats and making them. Traditionally, Millinery would have been limited to women’s headwear. However, it now includes making hats for all genders. 

Courses in Millinery can easily fit around whatever pre-existing routine or work commitments you have. Some courses will go on for a couple of weeks, while others only take place over one day. Most courses in Millinery are open to all levels. You don’t need to have any experience to take on the course, only an interest in bettering yourself in the trade. You may be asked to bring your own materials with you, however. Check out our database on for the full list. 

Taking up a course in Millinery will allow you to explore a number of different mediums in your projects. For example, you could be using feathers, beads, sinamay or straw in your designs. You will also be taught how to use professional materials to create intricate patterns and shapes such as swirls, curls and bows. 

Bias borders and trims can leave beautiful finishes on hats. Your instructors will teach you just how to achieve this. They will also encourage you to add your own personal touches to your pieces that you can take with you into the industry after you’ve completed the course. This can include bling, fabric, colours or whatever else you can get your hands on. 

In the course, you’ll learn how to use certain colours and compositions together and what works in creating beautiful designs and headwear. Taking up Millinery will teach you everything you need to know in what to do and what not to do when putting a headpiece together. 

What career paths are available after studying? 

Millinery is somewhat as a timeless trade. If you can create stunning, unique pieces you’re guaranteed to be successful in the industry. 

When you’ve completed your course, you can further your study into other trades in creating clothing or accessories to give yourself a wider set of skills. For example, you can go into jewellery making, fashion designing and many more. You can then combine these skills to create many different looks and pieces.

Becoming a full-time milliner is also an option. This can be done by simply applying to jobs that are offering the position. However, you can also start up your own business or begin to create your own designs and sell them.

Whether you choose to set up your own businesses a milliner or start working with a company, setting up a website to showcase your work can greatly benefit you. You can list projects you’ve worked on to give people an idea of the kind of products you produce. However, you can also list products for sale on the website. 

Social media has offered immense help to those looking to set up their own shops or businesses. It can help to get the word out on your products with great ease. It can also allow you to gain a large following. Keeping your accounts up to date can help remind your followers of your creations and can increase your sales. 

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