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Thinking of studying Traditional Music? 

The ability to play an instrument is a wonderful thing to have. Whether it’s to play to a packed audience, to a room of your friends and family or simply to play to yourself, music can bring great joy. Traditional Music courses can allow you to develop your skills as a musician with whatever instrument you want.

You will also be able to build your confidence in your chosen instrument. Courses in Traditional Music are part-time and will allow you to develop your talent while maintaining pre-existing work commitments and routines. Find the perfect course for you in Traditional Music on our database on

What will you study?

Traditional Music courses cater for a variety of levels and skillsets. 

The tin whistle is a popular instrument that many of us may have grown up playing either in school or after-school classes. However, very few of us may have actually decided to keep it on as we got older. Classes in tin whistle start at beginner level and also offer a higher intermediate level for those who wish to proceed with their musical education. As a beginner, you’ll learn all aspects of traditional Irish music and how to take on the instrument with no prior experience.

 As an intermediate, you’ll build on the previous knowledge and skills from the beginner classes. Students will learn more advanced techniques in ornamentation and style in this Traditional Music course. 

For both of these classes, you will need a generation “D” tin whistle. The classes last for one hour once a week. Whatever lesson you’re at, you’ll get to craft your skills as a musician as well as meeting up with many like-minded people for an hour of learning and music. 

Traditional Music courses also extend to more unusual instruments. One such instrument is the ukulele. This instrument has become popular in recent years and omits the sweetest sounds when played. Ukulele classes are an excellent choice for anyone interested in mastering this small guitar-like instrument. 

These classes are offered for beginners, which means that even if you’ve never picked a ukulele up in your life, you’ll be able to learn how to play. The basics will allow you to master the likes of strumming and picking the instrument. You’ll be able to play full tunes in no time!

This particular course lasts for 10 weeks and like the tin whistle classes, it takes place for one hour a week. 

Career Paths

When you take up a course in Traditional Music, you’ll be able to do anything you want with it. 

Traditional Music courses can lead you on to further study options. If you take on a beginner course, you can move on to a more advanced level and progress again after that. After this, you can take on full-time study in the area.

You can also choose to take on another course in Traditional Music and have more strings to your bow. No pun intended! 

Courses like this will also allow you to work as a musician in whatever capacity you choose. If you’re interested in playing to people, you could perform at local venues or pubs. Keep an eye out for any live music vacancies or for people interested in starting a band. You can also become a Traditional Music teacher yourself, and teach others the skills that you have learned. 

A course in Traditional Music can even just satisfy your desire to conquer an instrument. You can pull it out whenever you want as your party piece and entertain those around you. It can even satisfy your desire to play your own piece of music. 

Rebecca Daly

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