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Thinking of studying Screen Acting? 

We’ve all had dreams of being an actor and seeing ourselves on the big screen at one point or another. It’s a career path that can have the ability to move an audience, make them laugh and even make them cry. Your work as a screen actor can become important and compelling to many people, as well as to yourself. Becoming a Screen Actor is an incredibly interesting career path that will fulfil your desire to perform and entertain. Find the perfect course for you on’s database

What will you study?

Every actor has to start somewhere. Taking up a course in Screen Acting can be just what you need to kick off your career in the industry. 

Some Screen Acting courses cater to whatever stage you’re at with your career and training. For introductory courses, you’ll learn the basics in the field. This will introduce you to the craft of acting for the camera and using techniques required to deliver effective performances on screen. 

From here, you can go on to the second and third levels of the course to perfect the art of Screen Acting. The course will pass the videos of your performances on to you after, which means you’ll have footage to send on to casting directors. You’ll also be also the look back on this footage and watch what you could do better. 

In further levels of this Screen Acting course, you will be taught tips for auditions and how to sell yourself as an actor. 

Other Screen Acting courses are designed for those who have previous experience in the acting world in any capacity. Classes will also be filmed and students will learn the tricks of the trade. This will include commercial copy, improvisation, comedy and serious scripted scene work. 

Through working with cameras and what goes into acting behind them, students will become familiar with the process of filmmaking. It will focus on the acting process, however. You’ll learn how to immerse yourself into whatever character you’re playing. As well as this, learning how to capture the dramatics of the scenes will be covered. 

Some courses are smaller to allow their participants to get full attention from their instructors. You will work with your classmates in various scenes which will allow you to develop your skills in bonding and reacting to others. 

The duration of Screen Acting courses depends on where you study. They can range from a few weeks to a number of months with three terms. 

What career paths are available to me? 

After you’ve completed a Screen Acting course, you’ll be able to move into whatever path you choose. 

You will be able to move on to further study the art of Screen Acting to master the skills and take on more complex levels of the trade. Alternatively, you could go on to study another form of acting such as stage acting to round yourself as a performer. 

After your course in Screen Acting, you can go on to seek working opportunities in the industry. You will need to keep an ear to the ground and an eye on advertisements for casting or auditions. It’s important to stay motivated as well as encouraged. There are many actors in the industry and many different people will be going for one part. Just keep trying and improving your skills as an actor if things don’t take off straight away!

Try to get as much practise and experience as you can. Remember that a part may not be where you want to end up, but it could help you get there.

Rebecca Daly

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