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A big advantage of painting is that there is lots of colour and potential for a mess, which makes it fun. A painting class or course will teach you how to paint from a variety of subjects including still life, life models, portraits and landscapes. You will learn about line, colour, texture, form and movement and soon your friends and family will be hanging your masterpieces in pride of place in their halls and bathrooms.

Painting students are encouraged to experiment and develop their own style, or go for the traditional seascapes and fields of rolling corn.

Everyone has artistic potential. A surprising number of famous people are or were very successful amateur artists. Winston Churchill took time out from saving civilisation from the Nazis to paint colourful, slightly photographic works which were exhibited under a pseudonym and highly acclaimed. Hitler s paintings were less celebrated at home and abroad after WWII. Former England football goalkeeper David Calamity James has often been seen with a brush in his hand, while the singer Tony Bennett and actors Anthony Quinn and Dennis Hopper are all respected artists.

Still, the point isn t really to discover the amazing talents that are hidden deep within yourself and become the next Picasso. Painting classes are so popular because they are a great way to relax, do something creative for a change, make some new friends and have a laugh. Nobody expects you to become a master, but most people are surprised at how quickly they can improve when shown the basics by a qualified teacher.

Making mistakes is all part of the creative process. Most beginners in a painting class will quickly realize this after their initial attempt at a self-portrait mine resembled a terrifying mud creature from a far flung planet. But with a bit of effort most people will soon begin to improve, and before you know it
the paintings you produce will start to resemble what they are supposed to. And by the end of the course you will have something original which you created yourself to show for it. All of which are excellent reasons to enquire about taking a painting course at a location near you today.

Frank Bolger

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