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Pilates started out as a system of physical fitness and has become a world-famous discipline. The exercise regime devised by Joseph Pilates is practiced by 11 million people all over the world. Learning all about it with a pilates class or course!

Why Pilates

Pilates can help you strengthen your muscles, build flexibility and endurance. If you have trouble breathing or are experience back pain, it can help you develop a strong center and better pelvic alignment.

A Pilates course will teach you a series of exercises with varying degrees of difficulty. Your instructor will tell you to start with the easy ones and increase the intensity over time as your body becomes in sync with the exercises.

You should have an idea of want to get out of a Pilates course before you enroll. There are many applications for this discipline so choose a course that will help you train for a specific purpose.


If you are a dancer or a dance teacher, then a course will teach you exercises to improve flexibility, strength and coordination. It will also teach you how to prevent injury and to enhance your performance.


The type of course will tackle the osteoporosis risk factors, diagnosis, screening, bone density studies, T-scores, prevention of fractures, exercises and nutrition.

Women’s Health

This course is ideal for Physical Therapists who want to focus on exercise for pregnant women and dysfunctions of the muscles. You usually need to have knowledge on basic anatomy and therapeutic exercises.

Most people who learn Pilates are concerned with improving health, either for themselves or others. Becoming a qualified instructor requires dedication, but the there are significant personal benefits too. These include learning healthy breathing; strengthening your back muscles, abdomen and lungs; improving your posture and developing control over your body and your life.


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