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Here’s a question if you are considering enrolling on a style and image consultancy course: When you roll out of bed in the morning, do you know exactly what you’re going to wear? If you answered yes, you’re likely to be a very successful professional stylist. If you answered no, you may, like many of us, need a little help – and that’a very good reason to find an image consultancy course.

Some people seem to be effortlessly stylish, but most of us struggle. It’s no wonder fashion magazines and blogs are so popular – and not just for women. On average, women spend more on clothes and toiletries, but in recent years men have been catching up. In 2017, the market for male grooming and beauty products was worth over €17 billion.

There is a simple reason for this – we all want to look good. It’s not simply vanity. If you are well-groomed, people see you as competent and trustworthy. A 2011 study conducted by the economics department at Elon University in North Carolina found that grooming impacts earnings. First off, although it does not actually affect your job performance or intelligence, bosses may see a crumpled shirt or scruffy shoes as a lack of commitment to a career. However, if your bosses think you spend too much time in grooming, they may decide you more interested in your looks than your job.

Getting the balance right is tricky, but it is rewarding. First off, it affects your professional life, and if you are ambitious, ignoring your grooming is not an option. Secondly, your grooming impacts your personal life. Finally, and most importantly, when you look good, you feel good.

Why enrol on image consultancy courses?

Stylists and image consultants were once the preserve of the famous and wealthy. These days, more and more of us have realised the value of getting professional input on the way we present ourselves. Stylists work in a variety of industries. This includes film and television, with fashion houses and cosmetics companies. Other career options include working as a fashion buyer, fashion journalist, independent consultant and personal shopper. Stylists give professional and business people a polished, competent look. In addition, they work with all sorts of people for special occasions, such as weddings.

However, you don’t need to be planning a career as a stylist to benefit from learning the tricks of the trade. Many people study style and image consultancy courses so that they will look their best for a wedding or special event, before looking for a new job or a change of career, or for fun.

What do image and style consultancy courses involve?

There are a number of courses available for anyone considering working as a stylist or wanting to improve their own grooming. One-day workshops are ideal for people who want to ramp up their personal style. Short courses run over a number of days or weeks. Depending on the course, the subjects covered may include make-up artistry, makeovers, bridal fashion, seasonal fashion, menswear, and personal shopping.

Longer, self-paced distance learning courses are also available. These cover topics such as elements of style, the fashion and design process, but also business and marketing practices for stylists.

At a glance

Style and image consultancy courses are available for people with a personal interest in fashion and grooming as well as budding professionals.One-day workshops, short courses, and longer distance learning courses are available.

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