Dublin Performs Strongly in Dell Women Entrepreneurs Cities Index 2023

By Steven Galvin - Last update

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Dublin Performs Strongly in Dell Women Entrepreneurs Cities Index 2023

According to Dell’s 2023 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index, Dublin is one of the top 25 cities in the world that is successfully able to attract and support high-potential women entrepreneurs. 


High potential women entrepreneurs

The new study from Dell Technologies ranks 55 cities worldwide according to their ability to attract and support high potential women entrepreneurs

The Index captures the relevant indicators that are important for high potential women entrepreneurs. The Index features 90 indicators across two categories and 5 pillars.


Consistent improver

Dublin was ranked 23rd overall. However, when looking at cities that have made the most positive improvements from 2019-23, Dublin emerged top of the most consistent improvers, alongside Dubai.

Dublin had the 3rd highest momentum score and was included among Cities that are “Taking Off” identified as a city that has been making fairly steady progress by leveraging its existence strengths. 

The 5 pillars used to achieve rankings were 

  • Markets 
  • Talent 
  • Capital 
  • Culture 
  • Technology 


Technology & Talent

Dublin excels in the Technology pillar driven by top 10 rankings across the policy and equality sub pillars. The capital was ranked as the 2nd best city for Technology equality after Beijing.The city’s advantage also ranked high in the Talent pillar, boosted by its access to a qualified workforce. 


Global hub for cybersecurity

The strength across the two pillars shows in Ireland’s growing presence as a hotbed of tech talent given its position as a major global hub for cybersecurity; Ireland is home to over 40 cybersecurity companies and 6,000 highly-skilled individuals working in the industry (Independent.ie 2022; Enterprise Ireland 2020). 

Dublin was also listed as one of the steady rising cities that have seen significant improvement in their scores since 2017


London overall winner

Since the inception of the WE Cities index, London has consistently been ranked one of the top three cities in its ability to attract and support high potential women entrepreneurs.

London, New York, and San Francisco have been the golden tier for women entrepreneurship since the index was created and this year London took the top spot on the podium.

You can read the full report here.

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