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The Medtech (medical technology) industry is a dynamic and innovative sector working to save and improve lives. With more than 500,000 products and services on the market, medtech companies are improving patient outcomes and helping to make health systems more sustainable.

What is Medtech?

Medtech refers to the technology and equipment used in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of medical conditions. Medtech includes a wide range of products and devices such as diagnostic imaging equipment (like X-ray and MRI machines), surgical instruments, implantable devices (like pacemakers and artificial joints), diagnostic laboratory equipment, and medical information systems. It also includes software and mobile apps that are used to manage and analyze medical data. Medtech plays a critical role in modern healthcare by providing doctors and other healthcare professionals with the tools they need to accurately diagnose and treat patients.

Below we take a look at some of the big players in the Irish Medtech industry.


Goodman Medical Ireland Ltd (GMIL)

Goodman has been active in developing and introducing medical technology and equipment, primarily involving catheters, for the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Such technology and equipment enable revolutionary, less-invasive, safe and more efficient cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment systems. Catheter based techniques are already well established and continue to develop. Today, the most advanced medical techniques and equipment are being fine-tuned to achieve less invasive, safer, more effective and more efficient diagnosis and treatment.



Optum Ireland 

Optum connects the brightest people, places and ideas across the healthcare ecosystem to create better care. Optum Ireland is  a long-standing contributor to the Irish economy and community. They have been supporting global health care systems from Ireland for more than 20 years and employ nearly 1,600 people. 

From offices in Letterkenny and Dublin, Optum Ireland discover new ways to make a difference to people’s health across the world, through technology.




Pharmaforce, a wholly Irish company, is a leading outsourcing provider within the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare sectors in Ireland, providing resourcing and outsourcing solutions to companies for over 10 years.

Pharmaforce provides companies with the commercial infrastructure and professional expertise to help grow their business and reach revenue goals, without the overhead costs of recruiting, training and managing people. Our established infrastructure, partnership approach and results-driven experienced individuals and teams provide cost-control, flexibility and proven results.




Viatris empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life. Viatris is one of the largest pharmaceutical employers in Ireland, working towards the common goal of empowering people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life. Viatris leverages its best-in-class manufacturing and scientific expertise and proven commercial capabilities to bring quality medicines to patients when and where they need them.



Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’s heritage dates back to 1935, when Dr. Arnold Beckman founded National Technical Laboratories in California. That year, he sold 87 of his recently patented pH meters, a groundbreaking technology that could be used for everything from water quality testing to laboratory research.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ mission today, which has changed little since 1935, is to empower those who are seeking answers to life’s important scientific and healthcare questions. This mission embodies all our efforts to help customers get the data and answers they need, when they need them.

These answers may be important for expediting development of a new, life-saving biopharmaceutical, to help exonerate an innocent person based on DNA evidence, or to help monitor patients with chronic diseases.



Unispace Life Sciences 

Unispace Life Sciences Industry Practice designs and builds complex, process-driven life sciences facilities for the world’s top life sciences companies. 

Unispace Life Sciences create a space that sparks brilliance for your people. Build a multi-layered, data-driven strategy to create a space designed with you, for you.



These companies and more are hiring now!

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You may be interested in:

Certificate in Computerised Systems and Data Quality for Medtech

Blended Learning – Mix of Classroom & Online, Computer Programming Course by Atlantic Technological University, Galway-Mayo  –  Galway

Learn more / Contact ATU / Book course

The aim of this special purpose award is to provide students with the skills required to add value in an ever-evolving manufacturing environment (with a focus on medical device manufacture).

All aspects of medical device manufacturing and quality management is becoming more and more dependent on automation. Software and automation are present everywhere in todays manufacturing environment, from increasingly sophisticated equipment, to automated business process flows in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, and the management of a myriad of data from analytical test outputs to quality trend analysis and other management data.

This course will cover the key area of validation of software and automated systems.

There will be a significant emphasis on actual industry examples and opportunities for participants to practice what they learn in workshop-style classes and assignments.

Validation documents will be created by the students and critiqued as they would be in industry, leaving the learner in a much more confident position to take up a validation role.

Learners will also cover data and the importance of data integrity in a regulated environment.

There is a well-documented increase in the regulatory focus on data and the management thereof. There will be a focus on the integrity of data.

As there is much growth, development and innovation in this area, it is timely to include a module on Emerging Software Trends, which will cover topics, from the evolving definition of a medical device to include software; to innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Learn more / Contact ATU / Book course


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