Transitioning into a Sustainable Green Organisation

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The ‘Climate Action & Sustainability’ webinar series from leading academics in Trinity College Dublin continues this week with ‘Transitioning into a Sustainable Green Organisation’ featuring Dr Sam Cromie discussing the strategies that can be applied to support an organisations transition to enhance their green credentials.

Transitioning into a Sustainable Green Organisation

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Dr Sam Cromie is an Assistant Professor in Organisational Psychology and the Director of the Centre for Innovative Human Systems at Trinity College Dublin. He has a variety of research interests including; foreign object retention in healthcare, aviation and other industries; psycho-social outcomes and mechanisms of self-help groups; just culture and culpability decision making; organisational, professional and national cultures and their relations to human factors. Dr Cromie is also the Module Coordinator of two of TCD’s Continuous Professional Development programmes; Introduction to Sustainable Green Organisation and Introduction to Workplace Wellbeing.

This free ‘Climate Action & Sustainability’ webinar series features leading academics in Trinity College Dublin sharing the latest concepts, technologies and solutions that will help deliver our goals in the field.

With expert speakers from researchers across TCD’s new E3 (Engineering, Environment and Emerging Technologies) research community at Trinity College, these webinars will provide valuable insights into current research and teaching activities, and how our work embraces balanced solutions for a better world. This will be an engaging and informative series where you can find out more about the applied work that Trinity academics are undertaking to transform how we integrate sustainability in all our work to support climate action at National and International level.

This series will cover a range of topics that focus on different aspects of climate action and sustainability, dealing with topics ranging from providing clean and renewable energy solutions to decarbonising transport, whilst delivering efficiency across different industries and in the built environment. For all these mitigation and adaptation solutions, we consider the importance of the natural environment as we address the biodiversity crisis, by protecting the marine environment and improving land use management.

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Trinity College Dublin, located in the heart of Dublin city, is steeped in scholarly and national history. Today it remains Ireland’s highest ranked university and within the world’s top one hundred. TCD provides an excellent variety of courses throughout areas in the Arts and Humanities, Business, Law, Engineering, Science and Health Sciences.

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In addition to degree and diploma courses, there is a wide range of short courses to choose from at Trinity, from history of art to social work, philosophy to psychology, Greek and Roman mythology and religion to physics and a wide variety of languages among others.

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