The Possibilities of Drawing

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The Possibilities of Drawing is an adult drawing workshop in response to Joanna Kidney’s Exhibition in The LAB Gallery, The Swinging Pendulum.

As part of the exhibition The Swinging Pendulum, Joanna Kidney invites you to join #themovabledrawingsproject conversation and delve into the possibilities of drawing. In this workshop, we will use experimental drawing exercises to explore visible and invisible marks and lines through sound, movement and small objects. We’ll look at other artists work as part of the conversation. Bring curiosity, small found objects and warm socks.

The Possibilities of Drawing, a Public Workshop facilitated by Joanna Kidney at The LAB Gallery, Dublin takes place on Saturday 3 December, from 10.30am to 1pm


#themovabledrawingsproject is an ongoing participatory project by artist Joanna Kidney, an invitation to make temporary, 3 dimensional drawings and a space to think about the possibilities of drawing. It is an open, experimental collaboration with people of all ages, a broad conversation.

Free Workshop for adults (18+). Booking required.

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