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Do you want to be a professional make-up artist? Or are you someone who wants to know how to create a variety of great looks at home? We are delighted to announce that the School of Make-up Artistry has joined

About the School

The School of Make-up Artistry is a family run, Irish business. The founder and principal is Eileen King Power. Eileen originally set up one of Ireland’s first beauty therapy and physical therapy training colleges – College of Health and Fitness. Eileen then designed the School of Make-up Artistry.

The School of Make-up Artistry offer a wide range of internationally recognised diploma courses, in fashion, film, theatre and media make-up.

These courses are designed to teach all levels of students. Therefore, they are suitable for beginners to advanced students and adults of all ages.

Best of all, three quarters of the course time is practical work. As a result, students reach a level of proficiency before qualifying.

The School of Make-up Artistry is renowned for their highly skilled trainers, who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with the students.

In addition, the School has a 100 percent success rate, with students receiving mainly merits and distinctions.

Furthermore, the School has placed over 80 percent of their past students, in secure positions worldwide. Many of the school graduates work as freelance make-up artists, specialising in bridal make-up, fashion shows, and photo shoots. In addition, others work in TV and film. Finally, graduates have also gone on to work with leading cosmetic companies, such as MAC, Lancome, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Estee Lauder.

For more information

If you would like further information, please see the School’s profile.

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