Barber Training Courses: What you need to know

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Things have certainly moved on in the past few years when it comes to men’s grooming in Ireland. Gone are the days when it was mammy’s job to cut hair, a time when the majority of professional male haircut instructions were just a number: “Three blade. Cheers mate.” And anyone who dared put any effort into their appearance was mercilessly slagged by the entire 5-a-side. Nope. That dark, shameful era has passed thanks to societal and economic shifts and this, in turn, has led to an uptake in Barber Training Courses.

Styling has become an important ritual in the modern man’s grooming process. Nowadays, lads across the country will happily pay extra for an additional blade shave, whiskey in hand, chatting with a barber they’ve requested by name. This change brings with it both jobs and business opportunities. If you’re thinking of a career in barbering, we’ve compiled a list of things to bear in mind when starting out.

Barber Training Courses: Walk Before You Can Run

Above all else, you must focus on your training, work hard and then develop your skills on the job. People who do well in this industry train for years and each facet is never as easy as it looks. There’s a science behind things like hair dye, styling and products and trust me, you do not want to ruin something as visible as a person’s hair. In the world of online reviewing, make sure your career isn’t cut short.

Sensitive Training

Prccedure is key. There’s an element of biology that you will have to deal with as a Barber. Course, fine, dry, oily; everyone has different hair and skin types. Hair can have varied textures; some people might have sensitive skin or even medical issues with their scalp. It’s up to you to educate yourself and treat the customers with respect. If there’s something you don’t understand or haven’t dealt with before, ask someone senior.

A for Attitude

Before you even pick up scissors, it’s imperative that you understand that when it comes to hair, it’s always, without fail, attached to a human. Barbering is a customer service industry. The majority of your clients will be repeat patrons, and if you don’t have the patience to deal with all sorts, you’ll find yourself with nothing but a P45 and an empty wallet.

Going Mobile

The meek might inherit the earth, but the barber with a great social media presence is a busy one. Don’t be afraid to take photos of your best work as you go, and share them online. Profesional pages on sites like ‘the gram’ are a great way to promote yourself, connect with potential customers and see your progress as your skills develop.

Work those Ear Muscles

Sometimes clients might not be the most articulate in describing what they want. It’s your job to decipher what they mean. If you are unsure, get them to google a photo, and never blast ahead with what you think would suit them. If they want a bowl cut, give them a bowl cut. You can advise them, of course, but in the end, it’s always their choice.

Always Be Learning

Fashion is constantly changing; it’s up to you to learn how to do different styles on different types of hair. Sure, it’s great if you can do one thing well, but you’ll be invaluable if you stay ahead of shifts in the industry. Upskill, go to conferences, train more; one evening course will certainly teach you the basics, but there’s always more to learn if you want to excel.

Self-Care is King

You are the advertiser for your own brand. Make sure your own locks reflect well on your ability. If you look wrecked or hungover, it does not bode well for a potential customer. Also, it’s not too pleasant to get a whiff of last night’s craft beers if you’re in for a trim. If you don’t practice good personal hygiene and professional hygiene when it comes to your tools, you’ll find yourself standing over a mostly empty chair.

Health and Safety

If you chose the life of a barber, you spend your days yielding dangerous objects. Shaving blades, razor-sharp scissors, hairdryers next to sinks of water, mounds of hair on slippy floors, are all precursors to a Final Destination plot. As society becomes more and more litigious, it’s pertantent that do everything in your power to keep you and your clients safe.

The professional life of a barber can be a creative, rewarding endeavour; you get to meet people and learn new skills every day. If you have what it takes to make this your MANE focus, check out the list of Barber Training Courses below.

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