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Palmerstown Community School Adult Education

Upper Kennelsfort Road, Palmerstown,, Dublin 20., Palmerstown, Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Eircode: D20 P236

The next term will start on the 31st January 2023.

Palmerstown Community School provides a variety of evening classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays  with something to suit all tastes.

We aim to provide quality classes with the best tutors in a relaxed and friendly environment. So whether you want to gain a QQI qualification,  learn a new skill, get fit or get out of the house and meet people we have a class for you.

Tuesday Classes

Acrylic Nails, Shellac, BIAB and Nail Art course, Barbering, Beauty and Makeup, Computers for Beginners,  Business Administration QQI Level 5, Business Management Course QQI Level6, Care of the Older Person QQI Level 5, Carpentry & Wood Carving – A practical approach (Beginners), Complex Trauma, Computers MS Office,  Counselling & Psychotherapy, Creative Writing for adults, Creative Textiles/Fine Art, Crochet (Beginners/Improvers),  Digital Photography, Drawing and Sketching, English as a Second Language, First Aid Course, Flower Arranging, French (Beginners  & Improvers), Guitar (Beginners & Improvers), Hairdressing, , Home Cooking and Baking, Irish conversation (Beginner’s), Italian (Beginners & Improvers), Knitting  (Beginner’s /Improvers), Lámh, Meditation & Mindfulness, Painting – (Beginners & Improvers), Pilates, Setting Up Your Own Business, Sign Language (Beginners)  S.N.A. QQI Level 5, Spanish (Beginners & improvers), Tai Chi, Ukulele, Yoga.

Thursday Classes

Tai Chi, Yoga.

This year we are delighted to be working in partnership with The Open College to provide SNA QQI level 5, Business Administration QQI Level 5, Business Management QQI Level 6, Care of the Older Person QQI Level 5.

We operate on a self financing basis, classes will run when the minimum number of students is reached to cover the cost of the class. Fees are non-refundable, except in cases where the class doesn’t run.

Business Administration Skills

A professional qualification for individuals to advance in their chosen field of employment and continue to gain higher qualifications. This course is  delivered in partnership with the open College.   This course is designed for people who wish to work in the Business, Finance, Administration and Marketing sectors. Topics covered include: The organisation, Finance, Money, Banking…

Complex Psychological Trauma and Adolescents

This class is ideally suited for those working with adolscents.  Recognise the symptoms and causes of psychological trauma in adolscents and the supports available. Vital information for those working with adolscents!

Lámh Course

This practical 6-hour course will teach participants how to use a manual sign system with children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs. Use of Lámh signs can help to support communication.  Lámh users may be more easily understood when they use signs with speech. Training provided by a qualified Speech & Language Therapist. …

Creative Textiles/Fine Art

An introduction to creative textiles. Experimenting with fabrics and textiles.  This course includes fabric manipulation, heat treating synthetic textiles, needle felting, wet felting, painting on fabric, free motion stitching.  Experiments will be placed into a sketch book.  *A4 Sketchbook is required.

Flower Arranging

Learn how to create beautiful and amazing floral arrangements for the home using fresh flowers and foliage in a relaxing and therapeutic atmosphere.  Bring your own foliage and fresh flowers so that you can leave with a beautiful flower arrangement each night eg.  table spray/decorations, door wreaths, hand tie bouquets, bows and more!  A secuters…

Beauty & Makeup

Do you love makeup?  Learn skills and tips to apply and perfect your make-up and lots more.  Learn the different styles of make-up and look and feel amazing! Bring your own products and brushes. Course delivered by a professional make-up Artist!

Business Management

This Business Management course will help you to develop the appropriate skills and knowledge essential for  effective management within a business environment.  This course is delivered in partnership with the Open College. The course is designed for people who wish to work in Business and Finance. Topics covered include: Types of Business Organisations and Structures,…

Setting Up Your Own Business

A step by step approach to starting your own Business. Preparing a business plan- Production, Marketing, Finance and Promotion. Start-Ups, Business Loans, Grants, Cash flow projections, Sales targets.  *Highly qualified tutor.

Care of the Older Person

Are you interested in learning about caring for older people?  The Care For the Older Person is a QQI level 5 Course that is starting on the 31st January 2023.  Delivered in partnership with the Open College, The Care of the Older Person course is designed to equip the learner with the skills and knowledge…

Carpentry and Woodcarving - A practical approach (Beginners)

A basic understanding of carpentry and woodcarving. Learn to create basic joints,while appreciating health and safety in relation to tools and equipment.  Create a mirror/picture frame, bird box, jewellery box etc.* Materials included.

Computers for Beginners

Computers for Beginners at Palmerstown Community School. Computers for Beginners – A course that is designed for giving the basic knowledge required to carry out everyday routine tasks on a computer.  It touches on skills such as surfing the web, Online searches,  Emails, Shopping online, Booking flights, & Creating documents, Office work etc. This course…

Cooking and Baking Course

Be the next Mary Berry or Jamie Oliver!  Our Master Chef will enhance your cookery skills with a wide range of recipes e.g soups, breads, main courses and mouth watering deserts! *First class is a demonstration class and participants supply ingredients after the first class!

Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Theory of Counselling and Counselling Skills.  This course is a great way to develop an understanding and appreciation of counselling.  It will appeal to those who who are looking for personal development or those who need counselling skills in their work.  A foundation Course for further studies in Counselling.

Crochet - Beginners/Improvers.

Why not try your hand at crochet!  Learn the basics needed to start your own project and how to read a pattern. Those with experience will be supported to improve their skills further.  Learn a new craft in a relaxed setting and design your own small  garments of choice  or create delightful gifts.  At the…

Ukelele - Beginners

Learn to play this little gem!  An opportunity to learn a new instrument which is becoming very popular.  Our master tutor will have you strumming, picking and playing the Ukulele in no time. *Ukulele required.

Digital Photography

A foundation Digital Photography workshop for beginners regardless of the type of camera used. You will learn the functions and settings of your camera, how to hold your camera correctly to get the best photograph, ISO, Shutter Speed, Focus Points, Aperture, Depth of Field and Exposure.  You will also learn how to improve your photography. …

Drawing and Sketching

Unlock your hidden drawing talent!  This course is designed for students who wish to develop their skills in drawing and sketching.  Learn different types of drawing/sketching using pencil, pen, charcoal and conté.  This class will cover figure drawing, gesture drawing, line drawing, perspective drawing and blind contour drawing. The following materials are required – Sketch…

Creative Writing for Adults

This Creative Writing Course is designed to give students an opportunity to develop their creative voice through writing.   In this Creative Writing for Adults course participants will receive instruction and feedback in the writing of fiction (short stories, extracts from novels, memoir) in a relaxed setting.  Whether you write for self-expression, wellbeing, personal development, interest…

English as a Second Language

Do you want to speak and read English more fluently?  A fun and relaxed atmosphere to learn and practise basic English for everyday conversations with a focus on listening, reading, pronunciation, writing and grammar.

First Aid Course.

A 12-hour course certified by the Irish Red Cross that is designed for individuals who want to be better equipped  in case of a medical emergency.  The course includes Accident Scene Management, Adult and Infant CPR, Basic Injuries, Fractures and soft tissue injuries,  Bleeding, Burns & Scalds, Haemorrhage and Poisons.  This course is very much…

French Beginners

A 10 week course for complete beginners.  This French Beginners course will enable learners to develop skills and confidence to communicate with other people at a basic level while visiting France.  Prepare for your holiday in France and move onto the improvers course next term!  Taught by a native speaker!

French Improvers

For those who wish to continue to make progress to improve on the language skills previously learned and move on to conversational French.  Taught by a native French speaker, you will learn to use the language in a practical way.

Acrylic Nails, Shellac, BIAB & Nail Art Training Course - Beginners

This course is ideal for anyone who wishes to develop nail skills and techniques that will enhance nails and give a flawless finish.  *Deep manicure and e-file included. This training course also includes a step by step approach to starting your own Nail Business – the Business Plan, Marketing, Nail photoshooting, Social Media Management and…

Nail course - Acrylic Nails, Shellac and Nail Art.

This nail course is ideal for anyone who wishes to develop skills and techniques that will enhance nails and give a flawless finish.  Learn how to apply acrylic and shellac nails and apply nail art using the kit supplied! Deep manicure and e-file included.   Nail kit supplied to the value of €100. *The training…

Guitar - Beginners.

Learn to play the guitar in this step by step class for total beginners with a professional guitar player.

Guitar - Improvers.

An ideal class for those who have completed the Beginner’s course or who have a good command of basic chords. Learn more chords, techniques and playing styles to improve your performance.

Barbering - Beginners Course By Night.

An ideal course for anyone who would like to start their barbering career.  This course is an introduction to barbering which includes basic and modern cutting and styling, blending, razor fading and blending, beard styling.  Participants must bring their own model after the 1st class. Materials required for the class – Razor, comb, trimmer, cutting…

Hairdressing Beginners course.

This Hairdressing beginners course is an introduction to salon life to include cutting, styling and achieving that perfect blow dry.  Short hair styling.  Sectioning hair, ponytails and plaits.  Techniques (backcombing, smoothing, creating different types of curls).  Using heated appliances. Models and own equipment required!

Irish Conversation - (Irish Beginners)

This “Beginners Irish” course will suit those who have not done Irish before. By the end of this course you will be able to have a basic conversation . The aim is learn the rudiments of the Irish language and culture in a relaxed and social group setting.

Italian - Beginners.

A course for absolute beginners.  A wonderful opportunity to learn this romantic language in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  Taught by a native speaker, emphasis on conversational Italian.

Italian - Improvers.

This class is ideally suited for those who have completed the Beginners Course or who have a good knowledge of Italian.  Taught by a native speaker.

Knitting for Beginners/Improvers.

Knitting for Beginners/Improvers class.  Have you always wanted to learn how to knit or refresh your knitting skills?  Knitting is an easy to learn craft and an enjoyable activity for all ages. Join this fun and relaxed class to  learn all the basics you need and it is an opportunity for the improvers to receive…

Meditation & Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the act of intentionally bringing awareness to the present moment.    It allows people to live with greater freedom from stress, tension and strain.  Learn how to become more present in your life and to lead a happier life with less worry.

Computers - MS Office (Intermediate)

This computer course is based in key applications in MS Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint.  Accuire essential skills for producing professional work with the Microsoft Office suite including Work, Excel and Powerpoint.  The course will cover basic tasks through to advanced.  Some previous computer knowledge is required and access to a PC is an advantage.  Certificate…

Painting - Beginners/Improvers.

Unleash your creative side through the art of painting!  Create landscapes, portraits, still life, abstract and more in this relaxed class.  Participants provide watercolour or acrylic paints! Paints can also be purchased from the tutor prior to the class.

Pilates -Beginners/improvers.

Pilates is a workout focusing on your core strength as well as conditioning your whole body.  It improves your flexibility and raises mind and body awareness. Pilates helps in keeping fit, works on core muscles and will leave you feeling relaxed, mindful and toned. This class is held in the studio in the Sports Hall.

Sign Language: Beginners

This Sign Language course will help break down barriers and learn to communicate with the hard of hearing. This course is designed to enable learners to learn basic Irish sign language (ISL) to communicate with deaf people about day to day topics and activities.

Spanish - Beginners

This Spanish for complete beginners course is designed for complete beginners who are travelling to a Spanish- speaking country.  The focus is on oral communication (oral and aural skills)  Basic level of conversation of Spanish for use in everyday situations.  Taught by a native speaker.

Spanish - Improvers

A follow-on Spanish improver’s course for those who have completed a beginner’s course and wish to further improve their vocabulary and grammar.  If you wish to brush up on your Spanish, improve your basic knowledge, learn more about the Spanish culture then this is the course for you!   Taught by a native speaker.

Special Needs Assisting Course (SNA - QQI Level 5)

This Special Needs Assisting course is delivered in partnership with the Open College.  The course is designed for people who wish to pursue a career in working with children with special needs in an educational setting.                                       …

Tai Chi

Muscle and joint ache?  Poor posture or balance?  An introductory course to Tai Chi!  Release tension from the joints and muscles.  The gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi bring strength and flexibility to the body. This class is held in the Studio in the Sports Complex!

Tai Chi

Muscle and joint ache?  Poor posture or balance?  An introductory course to Tai Chi!  Unlike most forms of exercise and sport, Tai Chi doesn’t rely on strength, force and speed, which makes it ideal for everyone young and old, strong and not.  Release tension from the joints and muscles.  The gentle flowing movements of Tai…

Yoga Class

Experience the power of yoga through relaxation, posture and breathing exercises.  Yoga Mat required! Class is held in the Studio in the Sports Complex!

Yoga Class

Experience the power of yoga through relaxation, posture and breath work.  Yoga mat required. Class is held in the Studio in the Sports Complex!

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Palmerstown Community School Adult Education
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