Why childcare and why now?

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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Childcare courses are among the most searched for here on Nightcourses. com. Aside from the obvious attractions – fun and games with a load of cheeky young blighters from the moment you clock-in and helping along the miracle of child development – there is plenty more reasons to get involved with this thriving sector.

Why childcare

The deep economic winter of the past four years has put paid to any notion of a recession-proof career. However, there are a few sectors that withstand the economic pressures better than the rest. Ask any recruitment expert for a list of such careers, and most will include childcare. A high turnover of staff ensures childcare jobs are regularly advertised; while childcare is similar to other industries such as pharmaceuticals, fast food and healthcare in that demand is strong even in the worst of economic circumstances.

At one to two years in length, a childcare course is also a great way to becoming highly employable in a relatively short amount of time. Most childcare courses will require students to undertake a work placement (if you are not already employed in childcare of course), which is a great way to get some experience of this difficult but highly rewarding career, and will also ensure you enter the labour market with some relevant experience.

Once you have graduated, a real attraction of careers in childcare is the excellent work/life balance options. Part time and full time positions are commonly available and the working day is well within sociable hours. Career development towards a management position is also a realistic objective, with a wide selection of advanced childcare courses for those who wish to take this route.

Why now

Another reason to consider a childcare course and career is Ireland’s population boom. There are one million more of us than was the case in 1996, and Ireland’s birth rate is the highest in Europe. So while parents everywhere await the day when affordable Japanese robots can look after the kids, do the dishes and provide relaxing head massages, it looks like the big demand for childcare will remain for the foreseeable future.

Frank Bolger

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