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For those with a love for children, working as a special needs assistant (SNA) is perhaps the most challenging, but also most rewarding of roles. Part time courses in special needs assistance will enable you to help children with physical, behavioural and/or learning difficulties achieve their full potential.

With the support of skilled professionals and rapid advances in assistive technology and resources, children with special needs can achieve far more than was possible in the past. Adequate funding of schools is of course a pre-requisite, but that’s an issue that is better explored elsewhere. . .

Special needs assistants work under the supervision of a teacher. They are specifically not teachers themselves, and therefore cannot undertake teaching duties such as taking sole charge of a class or substitute teaching.

Duties might include assisting students with typing, eating, playing, and escorting them to and from school and on school outings. For thousands of children with special needs nationwide, the SNA is an essential companion during their childhood development. Special needs assistants will often help teachers with general classroom duties such as cleaning up.

A special needs assistance qualification enables graduates to apply for employment in special and mainstream (primary or secondary) schools, as well as in Montessori and childcare facilities. Parents or carers of children with special needs will also find great value in completing a special needs assisting evening class.

The course will tackle modules such as specific disabilities, child development, play and communication. Work experience might be required by particular colleges, but academic requirements are generally minimal check the entry requirements of specific courses for details.

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