What Makes a Great Leader? 10 Qualities Every Leader Should Possess

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What Makes a Great Leader? 10 Qualities Every Leader Should Possess.

No business, team, project, or company can succeed without effective leadership. Effective leadership is the driving force behind every successful business and what it strives to achieve. It creates and controls the conditions that set in motion a winning team. Behind every great business is a great leader.

But what makes a great leader? It’s not one single thing. It’s a combination of a range of qualities – many of them co-existing in a harmonious balance that work together to create a great leader.

Below we take a look at What Makes a Great Leader? 10 Qualities Every Leader Should Possess.


A leader who is able to successfully communicate to their team can create high morale and encourage greater performance. An effective communicator can lead a team to embrace a shared vision and to work towards a common goal.


Confidence is an essential quality found in all leaders. It is the spurring agent that allows you to make deliberate and accurate decisions when needed. A confident leader is also one who is able to then instill confidence in others around them. People look up to confidence and feel in safe hands when they are around it and respond positively it.

Ability to delegate

Delegating responsibility and tasks or projects to your team enables and empowers them both as individuals and as team players. It makes people feel trusted and validated as a team member. Giving people some level of authority and autonomy in their job is a great way to build trust and build dedication and loyalty amongst your team.


Leaders need to be honest. If you are leading a team of people in any capacity, they are much more likely to cooperate with you if you are an honest leader. And in doing so will be more willing to push themselves further.


A sense of humour is a great way to put people at ease when required. It can cut through tension and be utilised to great effect in challenging times. Humour also facilitates team-building and can create a sense of community and helps build bonds.


Leaders who commit themselves to the business are always respected by their team. Displaying a commitment to the organisation and teams you lead will always inspire those around you and also demonstrates that you are willing to work hard and dedicated to achieving the best results for the team you lead. Such a leadership quality will in turn inspire others to contribute their best efforts and commit fully to the organization and its goals.

Positive attitude

Positive leadership is the sharpest tool to encourage a team and will always lead to improving both an individual’s and team’s performances. It is a vital factor in creating a sense of well-being among workers and can help manage stress and anxiety. Creating a positive mindset in others cannot be underestimated and is a tremendous skill found in all great leaders.

Ability to inspire

All the best leaders bring out the best in those around them. Great leadership always involves enabling others. It is an essential tool to encourage people to work together in pursuit of a common goal. Leaders inspire and help people to feel good about what they do and who they are.


Being a creative leader involves demonstrating being able to come up with original solutions to all the different challenges that a business can face. Creative leadership often means approaching challenges as opportunities, embracing change, and seeking innovation. A creative leader is always looking to be innovative and seek out new ways to propel themselves, the business and its workers forward.


Bill Gates said, “Often, you have to rely on intuition.” Not every decision you make is down to data and rational thought. Often, it is the process of trusting your instincts that enable you to make the best choices or decisions. Your intuition is a vital part of your intelligence – it is a potent collection of all your years of experience working in a creative way. An intuitive leader is able to evaluate any given situation and respond to it in a decisive manner.


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