What is the Best Course for Project Management?

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The best course for project management is the one that meets your needs and helps you to get to where you want to be.

That may initially sound like a cop out, but it truly is the most accurate answer to the question “what is the best course for project management?”.

Over the course of this article, we will explain why this is true.

Project Management Courses: what does “the best” mean to you?

If you ask 10 people their opinion on the best project management courses and certification options, you’ll receive 6, 8, or even 10 different answers. “Best” is a matter of personal perspective.

Here are our 3 steps to deciding what “best” means for you and your career:

  1. Prioritise

Begin by prioritising what is important to you. Before you start wading through the many different qualifications available or jump at the first recommendation from a friend, think about what your project management career needs

Here are some frequently used criteria that might help to kick start your list:

  • Experience: Some project management qualifications, like the Project Management Professional (PMP), are specifically designed for experienced project managers. Are you at the start of your project management learning and development, or are you looking for something further along the experience scale?
  • Methodology: Explore the different project management methodologies available. Are you looking for a flexible methodology like Agile or Scrum? Perhaps a more conventional approach like PRINCE2 or the Project Management Institute (PMI) framework is more suitable for you.
  • Sector: The sector of business or industry you work in (or would like to work in) may influence what project management certification you select. Some, like Agile and Scrum are hugely popular in the software development sector, while others like PRINCE2 are widely utilised for state agencies.
  • Geographic Location: Do you intend to travel and work abroad? If so, an internationally recognised qualification is a must. It’s also worth looking into project management certification popularity by region.
  • Training Style: Are you looking for a practical kind of course? Do you need a more theoretical approach? Is exam preparation essential for your certification? Or would you like a style that combines all of these elements?
  • Training Format: Here is where you’ll consider how you would like to complete training: Classroom? Online? Blended? What works best for you and your schedule?
  • Exam Format: Consider when and how you will complete your exam. Is it an open or closed book exam? Is it assessment work rather than a sit-down exam?
  • Price: Although price is important, we have placed it at the end of the list here. There is no sense in choosing a course purely on price. If a training course doesn’t tick your other criteria, even the lowest price is too high a cost. If the course you want is a little out of your price range, talk to the training provider to see if there is some flexibility on the price. Perhaps you may need to schedule your training a little further out in order to save. Perhaps the provider will have a payment plan you can avail of.
  1. Research

Once you have decided on your “must haves” for training and certification, it’s time to research which project management courses and qualifications help you achieve these goals.

Take time to look into several options. Speak to friends and colleagues. Ask for advice on credible project management community forums. Don’t be afraid to ask for more information from training and certification providers.

In the research step, you’re compiling an index of information you’ll need to make your decision.

  1. Evaluate

Now, it’s time to review your shortlist of course and qualification candidates. Armed with your research, come back to your initial list of priorities.

Which training and certification option meets your initial criteria most closely?

Getting Started

A final word of advice on choosing the “best” course…

It can seem a little daunting in the beginning. Don’t worry; just get started. Take it step by step and take your time.

Once you know what’s most important and beneficial for your career, there are no wrong choices.


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