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A consistent amount of work throughout the duration of the course will stand to you. When smoke is billowing out of your fellow classmates ears as a result of excessive cramming, you ll be standing calmly on your genius cloud (probably alone though!). Here s how you can get maximum advantage with minimum effort

Make a weekly timetable, and stick to it
Decide how important tasks are, and then allocate them appropriate time periods (e. g. if a project is 50 per cent of your final grade, it warrants half of your attention)
Study in a quiet space with little distractions around you; if this is impossible at home search your area for a local library
Everyone has different attention spans. There s little merit to be gained in sitting staring at a page for hours on end if your mind is busy planning your weekend; take breaks.
Use SQ3R: Survey Question Read Recall Review
Survey: Look over your notes and work out what is the main idea
Question: Work out questions you want to find out from the rest of the text
Read: As you read, highlight the important areas
Recall: Jot down the main summary, without referring back to notes
Review: Look and see if you were right; make any necessary amendments

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