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What do the Seven Wonders of the World have in common besides the fact that hardly anyone can actually name them all That s right, each was constructed and designed by the leading engineers of the day.

The latest formidable creations such as giant particle accelerators and towering offshore wind turbines may show that engineering has moved on since the simple, yet ingenious, application of pulleys, levers, and wheels; but the goal remains the same, and that is to use scientific laws, technical knowledge and natural resources to design and build anything from a sewing machine to a sky scraper.

Engineering evening classes cater for all requirements: beginners seeking to launch an exciting career in engineering; those working in an organisation where an engineering qualification can lead to promotional opportunities; and existing engineers seeking professional development a key requirement for working in today’s economy.

Level 5 Certificate and Level 6 Higher Certificate courses are a good entry point for beginners. There are plenty of postgraduate and distance learning opportunities for the more advanced learner. Level 7 and higher programmes are often more suited to those currently working in an engineering environment. *

Besides the pleasures of devising innovative solutions to complex problems, there are other reasons for enrolling in a course not least the promising career prospects. A recent report commissioned by Engineers Ireland and compiled by DKM Economic Consultants predicted a 35% increase in the number of engineers at work by 2020.

The report recognised that engineering employment will fall in the short term (2009-2010), but rise rapidly in the long run thanks to infrastructural investment by government and the development of the knowledge and green economies. Engineers will be vital for the development of high-tech industrial sectors, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics, energy, and information technology.

So why not place yourself in an ideal position to benefit from any potential spike in employment by investing in your engineering qualifications now

*See our Certification section for more information about the 10 levels of the National Framework of Qualifications.

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