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As popular girl and boy bands have demonstrated, you don’t need to play an instrument to make it in the music business. Looking pretty and being able to carry a tune are the top criteria. We can’t help you with the first one but there are many part-time courses available that can get you singing.

A singing course will teach you skills like breath control and vocal technique. Depending on the class, you may also learn sight-reading and the theory of music. Your singing teacher will tell you the areas that you need to work on and advise you on appropriate vocal exercises.

Don’t worry if you sound like a bullhorn. It is possible to make even the worst singer passable. However, if you truly do have a terrible voice, you’re not going to end up sounding like Frank Sinatra. Voices are categorized by range, which is determined by the length and thickness of the vocal cords. Your range can be extended through training, but you can’t exceed the physical limitations of your vocal chords

If you want to be a professional singer, it’s time for some tough love. The vast majority of people hoping to become a superstar, don’t make it big. But, if you are dedicated, don’t let this stop you.

Doing gigs, whether it is on the street or in a venue, is the best way to get ahead. A lot of work is found through networking and word of mouth .Many performers also earn wages as backing singers and by performing at weddings and functions.

Being a successful singer isn’t all down to talent. Although ability is important, record companies also consider issues such as looks, style, social media popularity and what’s currently in the charts. They want singers with a sound and a look that suits the market of the time.

So if you see yourself purring into a mic for your profession, or even if you just want to knock them dead at karaoke, then put your mouth where your money is and take a singing course.

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