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The ongoing rapid development of media technologies, and a resulting surge in employment, makes this an exciting and productive topic to study. Media skills are also highly valued in a variety of sectors, including marketing, sales, communications, public relations and business management. From broadcasting courses to web design, you will find a host of great learning and career opportunities.

Media Courses
You know society is reaching media saturation when the term two-screening enters the common lexicon. It means, by the way, when someone is scanning the internet on their phone, tablet or laptop while watching TV. A part time media studies course will help you to understand the myriad ways in which media influences society, and provides a good launch pad for careers in the media, communications or marketing industries. There is no sector of the modern economy, from agriculture to pharmaceuticals, that does not have a need for media specialists.

Journalism Courses
While blogging is certainly a worthwhile exercise for wannabe journalists, only a journalism course can provide the necessary training and knowledge of key aspects such as sub-editing, media law, interviewing, maintaining contacts, etc. You are also more likely to secure work experience (a vital stage in any young journalist s career) as a current student or the holder of a journalism qualification. Up-and-coming journalists need to consider all media outlets in their career plan, as traditional areas such as print and radio are facing stiff competition from an increasing array of online news providers.

Web Design Courses
Whether it s a new career ambition, for your own business, or just an outlet for your creativity, a part time web design course is an extremely worthwhile way to spend an evening. Nothing looks worse than a cobbled together website by someone who has clearly not trained in the area give your site a professional sheen and maximum impact with the latest skills, tools and techniques. Career prospects in web design, and specialised areas such as mobile app design, can only continue to grow as companies from every sector seek to strengthen their online presence.

TV & Film Courses
The onset of digital television is the forerunner of many new TV channels, including dedicated services (news, children s TV, etc), local channels and more all of which is great news for the next generation of TV presenters and production staff. In addition, Ireland continues to punch well above its weight as a location for films and international drama series. A TV or film course, whether centred on presenting, production, writing or filmmaking, can be the start of an exciting new career. Alternatively, you might a have a nice line in caustic phrases and glowing recommendations and see yourself as the next Donald Clarke or Philip French. An evening course in Film Studies explores the theory of film, how it has developed over the decades, and the output of major directors, actors and genres perfect would for the would-be film critic.

Radio Broadcasting Courses
Training with the relevant broadcasting, recording and sound editing technology is an obvious requirement for a career in radio and that s exactly what you will receive with a part time radio broadcasting course. There s a lot more to radio than the technology of course, and that s why you will also work on equally important skills such as radio presenting and conducting thorough research. A diverse range of careers are available in the radio industry: including presenter, reporter, researcher, producer, station manager, sales and editor. A feature of working in radio is that an individual might accrue experience in a number of these roles as his/her career progresses.

In Summary
A part time media course is always a smart decision. Whether your ambition is to be a media professional, or you simply want to acquire a significant additional skill that is highly valued in any industry, a media programme is the ideal adult education option – great for your career, and fascinating to learn!

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