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Why take a course in Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager software system from Microsoft. It is primarily an email client, but also functions as a calendar, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, journal logging and web browsing. It has unlimited storage, excellent inbox organizational tools and complete Sky Drive integration. Many people may have a Microsoft Outlook account, but they only see it as a facility to send emails. Taking a course in it will provide you with all the essential tips and tricks on how to get the most out of it. 

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What will you learn?

There are many variations of courses when it comes to Microsoft Outlook. This gives students plenty of choices when it comes to settling on the perfect one. 

A general course in Microsoft Outlook will teach students all of the essential elements of this software. They will learn about contact management and how to integrate Outlook with the rest of the Office suite. Students will learn how to navigate the application as well as tasks and folders. 

Mastering the basics of Outlook includes formatting messages, working with attachments and illustrations, customizing message options and organizing messages. It will help students understand how to compose messages, read and respond to messages, as well as managing them. Customizing the Outlook interface and creating and managing quick steps to suit your preference is also part of the course. 

More advanced variations of Outlook will teach students about language options, using the Startup Folder and organization tips. The course will cover enabling automatic replies, adding voting buttons to a message and using an electronic business card as a signature. Setting rules and organizing mail in a way that suits your needs are useful tools this course covers. 

Some institutions offer courses online and at a pace that the suits the student. This can easily fit around pre-existing work schedules and personal life commitments. Some courses require you to attend on-campus, while others are a mix of the two. 

Where can you go from here? 

A course in Microsoft Outlook has a number of benefits. It can assist those using it on a personal basis to get the most out of the application. Many institutions and workplaces use it over other email providers, which means that being efficient in it is essential. 

These courses are aimed at individuals who aspire to work in an office environment. It can also help those working as, or planning to work as, secretaries, personal assistants and receptionists. Having a certification in Outlook will stand to you when going for a new job as many people assume they know everything about it. This is not the case and proving you’ve studied it will look great on your CV. 

There is also the option of going on to further study. This can include the likes of other Microsoft programmes such as Excel or Access. As well as that, it can lead to more advanced study in the field of computers. For example, students can progress to the likes of computer science, programming or IT.

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