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Why study the Irish language? 

Irish is the National language of the island of Ireland. Any student who went to school in Ireland would have been taught Irish at one point or another. However, very few people have decided to keep it on any further than they had to. Taking up a part-time course is a great way to reconnect with the Irish language that you may have lost. 

There are many different classes available for every level. You can start at a foundational level and work your way up to become fluent. Irish classes are a wonderful way to get to know like-minded people, as well as earning another notch on your language belt. Taking up a course in Irish will help you build your confidence in the language you may have lost. 

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What will you study? 

There are many different courses in the Irish language out there to take up. 

Irish classes for beginners start out with the foundations. You will be given a basic competency in speaking, listening, reading and writing Irish. Those who have never taken a class in Irish will easily settle into a part-time beginners class. 

After this, students will be able to progress on to an improvers class in Irish. You will have the opportunity to practice with others. Students who did Leaving Certificate Irish but never continued it after school would perfect for this course. It will help you pick up where you left off and continue your skills with the language. 

Conversational classes will teach students day-to-day phrases that they can use in any scenarios to flex their Irish muscle.

Some Irish classes are designed for students who are due to sit the Leaving Certificate. They range from a foundational level upwards. Helping students prepare for the oral part of the exam is the design of other classes. There are also courses available that are designed to help students with the Junior Certificate. 

Irish language and culture courses are perfect for those that want to completely immerse themselves in everything Ireland. Not only will you learn many different phrases, but you will also get in touch with all things Irish. 

Classes in the Irish language usually take place for a number of weeks for a few hours in the evening. Because they are part-time, they can easily fit around previous commitments or work schedules. 

What career paths are available to me? 

Irish course can lead to a multitude of paths. 

Students can go on to further study in the field and continue to improve their Irish language skills. If you start at a beginner’s level, you can move up through the ranks and become an expert. From there, you can go on to study the language at a university level or specialise in a certain aspect of it. For example, you could become a translator or go into the media with Irish. 

Many people take up an Irish language course to simply improve their ability to speak Ireland’s national language. In recent years, there have been many different events around the country to encourage people to speak Irish. Pop Up Gaeltachts set up in pubs or other public spaces, for example. They welcome people with all levels of Irish to come together and get to know others through the language. 

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