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Thinking of studying Landscaping? 

Landscaping is concerned with all things drives, walks, lawns, shrubs, gardens, flower-beds and everything else to do with gardens. The purpose of landscaping is to create wonderful environments outdoors around buildings and streets. Different settings will require different elements to bring it all together. Studying landscape will help you to understand what works and what doesn’t and how to bring these elements together. 

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What will you study?

Courses in Landscaping will introduce you to the world of all things outdoor design. 

There are 13 modules for you to take up including design, planning and maintenance. Topics such as cost estimating are integral parts of the job of a landscaper and you will be able to learn them with the help of industry professionals. 

Visual analysis, streetscape and planting design will also be covered. These include plants, streetscape and walkway processes, factors affecting the visual environment and visual improvement plan development. 

Irrigation modules will cover the design process, systems and components of Landscaping. Monuments will include the planning process and criteria of monuments. As well as this, static displays will be covered. 

The course will cover the exterior lighting system planning process as well as urban forestry in terms of design and management. Students will also learn about erosion control planning process and guidelines and measures. 

Finally, courses in Landscaping will teach students about interior planting in terms of design and maintenance. 

Throughout the duration of the course, students will have the opportunity to work on exciting and diverse projects. 

Landscaping courses can be delivered online which means that you will be able to save time and money. They are delivered on a part-time basis which means that they will be able to fit around pre-existing work commitments. Students will also be able to study at a pace that suits them. 

What career paths are available?

A course in Landscaping will open up many doors for you in the field. 

Students who complete a course in Landscaping will be qualified for a number of different roles. Landscape contractors work for a design or build firms and create landscapes for homes, hotels, resorts, office parks, retail centres and many more. 

Retail garden centres hire landscapers to share their knowledge of design, cultivation, plants and planting, hardscapes and beyond. You may even be required to provide individual design services for customers. 

Landscapers can also work in wholesale greenhouses or nurseries. They can assist with plant selection, designs for planting and cultivating inventory. Purchasing and sales are also part of the job. 

Malls, retail stores, restaurants, offices, schools, hospitals and homeowners always require designers to create their interior plantscapes, gardens and courtyards. 

Clubs and resorts always require landscapers with knowledge of grasses and plants to keep their golf courses maintained. They will also need to look after other outdoor grounds around the resort, country club or hotel. 

Public gardens will also need landscapers to initiate or assist the supervision of the layout, plants and maintenance of parks, gardens, historic sites and government facilities. 

Students of Landscaping courses can also go on to further study in the field and continue to craft their skills.

Rebecca Daly

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